For my love, on her birthday

In this world of uncertainty

You’re the only thing that’s for sure

I may have known you for many years

But you maintain to be the most interesting person I know

You’re vulnerability when you’re with me

Is just perfect for me to unveil more of you

And I will never get tired of finding what’s more

Of those dreamy eyes and sweet smile

Cause we’ve got our whole lives for that

I see your soul, you see mine

Through lazy days til we build that dream house

I love you, mon amour

Have a birthday blast



You ended things with a text

And expected me to understand

You said you will return my DVD collections

And that I should do the same with your novels

How about my heart which you promised to keep forever

And the moments we shared that you can never erase from my soul

How can you give back my love, when I offered it all on your name

Take everything you want to keep, and this pain I’m living with


He’s slumbering on his bed shirtless

I made a sound to wake him up

He sluggishly opened his eyes

And saw me behind the window

He smiled and got up to let me in

I scanned the room to admire his airplane collection

To divert myself from the heavenly physique in front of me

A trick I mastered since last summer

I know I’ve fallen for my best friend

And he’ll never see through me

Because I’m just a man on the other side of the glass


Photo not mine. Credits to owner.

The Brave Ones

I love you.

It isn’t a question but when people say it there’s a response expected.

I love you, too.

That’s a reply-echo only if it is true. But not in all cases. There are multiple other answers, which includes but not limited to:

Thank you.

I’m sorry.

Are you kidding?

Among others, which you don’t want to be the end of.

When a person says that three-word confession, it means he’s hopeful for something in return. For his love to be reciprocated.

For most people, it is a big deal to say the L word. It is an admission of emotions, affection, and of weakness. There will be no situation if the feeling is mutual. But if not, that’s the awkward part. It is when friendships end, and when self-confidence gets flushed down the toilet. It’s when hearts get ripped off.

Saying “I love you” is taking a risk. It’s getting inside a dark room unsure of what’s waiting inside. It’s swimming in a deep blue ocean blindfolded. It’s taking the chance and being completely rejected.

But once you get the answer you wanted badly, you’ll know it’s worth the risk.

More than love itself, it takes a whole lot of courage and guts to admit your feelings to another person unsure if there will be a positive outcome or not. People who declare and proclaim their love are fearless.

Do you have what it takes?




Barry is minute for his age

His curly hair and round face makes him look smaller

But his eyes say otherwise

Sturdier because of the creases on his temple


He walks from his house to his work

Thirty minutes a day per way is no sweat

He doesn’t mind the heat and noise

Just as so he could save some more


He’s an exemplary employee

Everyone adores the man with a towel on his shoulder

They call him for help and everything else

But nobody really knows him beyond name


He comes home in an empty apartment

Cooks the chicken dinner for one

He puts a framed picture across the table

And eats alone in the dark


10 Dreams

Here are some of the things I dream of happening before I die. Do we share one? 

1. Contribute something to the Engineering field.

2. Visit New York.

3, Kiss Adam Levine!

4, Be seen on TV.

5. Overcome my fear of heights.

6. Watch a FRIENDS reunion!

7. Publish something on paper.

8. Have a talk with my favorite author.

9. Sing to a crowd. (?)

10. Donate an organ/s.