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An Angel Fell From The Sky #2/13

Frank Solanki

Mrs. Dawson is a farmer

She ploughs the field all day

Sometimes even in the night

She has a debt to repay

The angel walked up to her

Looked at her for a while

“There is something I’d like to know,”

She spoke so with a smile

“I see you in the fields all day

I see you fry bacon in your pan

I even see a ring on your finger

But I do not see your man”

“My husband,” said Mrs. Dawson

“Is off on a lonely trip

He has found his destination” she said

As she bit her lower lip

“He is in my heart and in my soul

He is in my dreams

He may be gone to never come back

But that’s not how it seems

It was a long time ago

But I clearly remember the day

I never knew a man could be slaughtered

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anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 2

Last night I posted  (anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 1) the first half of my cousin’s assignment that we both worked on. Here is the other half of it. 

Number 5

An example

The Internet provides everything at hand. When you want to research on something, you just have to Google it. And there you have it on an instant. But one of its functions that I find most beneficial is being connected to my friends through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can post pictures, videos and status to update my friends on what’s going on in my life and in return I could see what’s going on in theirs. In Facebook, not everything could be shared in public. There is Message designed to chat on friends in private. I also love the Like and Share features. Also there are Like Pages so I get the latest news on the celebrities I love. I am also a member of different Groups on Facebook where I get to be informed on the latest with people of same interest.

A paragraph that rounds out the topic

Facebook along with other networking sites is very helpful not just to me but to all its users. It brings families and friends closer to each other even across long distances. It also introduces new relationships when you get to know other people through these sites. Facebook could also be used to develop one’s self through creative posts and pictures.

Number 6

A startling statement

After nine months of complex mood switching, it finally ended for Miley. All the stress and pain is over. She has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. She never expected that it will be this satisfying to see his son for the first time. It felt infinite and everything she’s been through is worth it. Before today, Miley decided to abandon her child because she’s not yet ready. She was surprised to find herself eating her own words because she wants to keep the baby to herself forever.

A prediction or warning

Having a baby at age seventeen is not easy. It is a lot of responsibility to take in. It is scary to carry a child in a womb but much to raise one. She has to provide everything the baby needs since the father left as soon as he found out the situation. Miley has to stop schooling and find a job to feed her baby. Good thing her parents are very supportive. Miley believes that her son is a blessing. It is tough for sure but she’ll do it for love.

Number 7

A question or series of questions

Have you ever experienced being bullied at school because you’re ugly, very thin or very fat?

An emotional statement

Well, Demi experienced being bullied at school because of being overweight. It saddens me how some people could do it. How dare they criticize someone else’s appearance as if it is their fault. Demi is a very talented person but they do not appreciate it because all they can see is how fat she is. Nobody’s perfect and I believe this should be stopped. There should be some sort of school committee that could help destroy chances of bullying. No one should be a victim of this psychological torture.

Number 8

A quotation or proverb

One woman in history that I truly adore is the British actress Audrey Hepburn. There is a quote from Hepburn that really touched my heart. She once said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

A paragraph that emphasizes a point

Through tough times, no person could pass it all without a help, may it be from another person or God. However, to be of help of others you have to help yourself first. You have to make yourself a whole to have that capability. For instance, if you want to help an old man cross a road, you have to know how to cross it yourself first by then you could help him so as not to put the both of you in danger. Another point to look at this is to love yourself first. What if there is no one there for you, you have to be there for yourself. When finally you are complete, you could fully help others with all of you.

Number 9

A familiar incident or character

Jose Rizal is considered as the Philippines’ National Hero because of his great contribution in the country when the Spanish Colony invaded us. He showed bravery through ink and not by blood. He wrote novels, letters, stories and poems that helped Filipinos open their eyes on the real situation and how to be free beside the power the Spaniards take over. He served as an inspiration to many other heroes of the country and even the ordinary people.

A rhetorical question

Everybody can be a hero like him, especially in this time when great people are of need to protect, serve and inspire out motherland. Are you ready to be Jose Rizal?

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anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 1

I was helping my cousin get some work done for the weekend. She was asked to write several paragraphs that would have a good introduction and conclusion. We did this together, I guided her through. Here is the half of it. We were sleepy so the rest we will do tomorrow.

Number 1

A statement of a situation
More than the typhoon hitting Luzon and some parts of the Visayas last month, a greater disaster is being experienced by the Philippines right now. The government feeds on taxes the people pay. There is tax almost on everything. This tax is collected to be of government use. “Pork Barrel” is given to the senators, congressmen and even the local government. This serves as their budget to be used for projects that would help its people. However some of these officials were accused of corrupting them and using the money for their personal consumption. The sad part is that the money they took happened years ago and just found out now.

A request for action
Filipinos do not deserve this kind of service. The government was all strict about paying the taxes but they are using it the wrong way. I think one way to minimize all these is for them to be more transparent. The people should know where the money the government forcefully takes from them go. This information should be visually presented to the public. This country deserves the truth.

Number 2

An anecdote or brief narrative
There is this show called The Vampire Diaries that I really love. The protagonist is a high school senior named Ellena. She lost her parents from a car accident. She became miserable until she met Stephan who happened to be a vampire and she fell in love with him instantly.

The most important point or climax
The story becomes more exciting when Stephan’s brother, Damon who is a vampire too, also irresistibly fell in love with Elena. The brothers used to fight all the time and more for the love of one woman. The thrill grows when Elena was transformed to a vampire. I think there is nothing more adventurous than a love triangle of three blood-sucking vampires.

Number 3

A description

It is relaxing. One thing that could relax my mood is the sound of the ocean. There is this hum of peacefully running water that soothes my ears. It is soft and calm. It seems like it hypnotizes every bad vibe inside me and takes it all away. I also like how it the water sounds when it hits a big rock. The splash makes it realistic and alive. The ocean is very rebirthing and refreshing.

A final quotation to add force to what you have said
I would like to share something from John F. Kennedy. He says, “We are tied to the ocean. And we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”

Number 4

A definition
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 of the Bible defines Love as something that is patient and kind. It doesn’t envy, boast, or proud. It isn’t rude, self-seeking, easily angered and it keeps no record or wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Love never fails.

A summary to make sure you get your ideas across
It is the most definite, exact and perfect definition of love. Love in its form is very complex and sometimes difficult to understand. However, the verse says the right words to truly explain what love should be and for us to experience all the beauty that comes with it.

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Which Book To Read

Feels quite a while since I read the book I’ve been sharing with all of you. So here’s the next chapter…

The posts regarding the past chapters are listed below under my category livingwithpleasure.
(1) How I Made Men Not Respect Me
(3) WHAT IS LOVE (The Correct Answer to The Question)
(4) Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself
(5) What Students Should Know


MY EXPERIENCE: Reading books is one thing I got from my mother. When I was a kid I would always see her turning the pages of her book at night until she fell asleep. When we were on long drives, she would carry one to entertain herself on the travel. She used to encourage me to do the same and I would. But I was not a constant reader. I even couldn’t finish those required in class. And I would skip pages. I only read those with dialogues. Until a friend bought me the Twilight Series of Stephanie Meyer back in high school. It is the first set I owned. The Twilight Saga was very hit last Summer 2007 I think. So I read them all straight. I finished all four parts in a week and I felt proud. I didn’t skip any page. I liked it before because it was all romantic that it caught my heart. From then on I loved reading novels. I appreciated it because of the joy it brought me when I actually finished one. However, when I entered college, I find it hard to continue the habit I thought I had. I became busy doing requirements and studying. I only make some time to read a little when a friend introduce me to a new read but it took me a long period to finish one until I forget I was reading it. Last year 2012 is when I finally rebirth my love for reading. I have a friend who would always tell me stories about what she is reading. I envied how inspiring she sound so I used to borrow books from her. All the feelings I have when I read just came rushing on my heart. Then I was happy again and satisfied. So every now and then, I read novels. Most of them romantic literature. There is this inner peace I learned to develop inside of me through reading. Books introduce a new world, every time. Now I don’t borrow books anymore. I just download a few from the Internet and voila! I’m quite proud to say my standards of what I read is higher than before. I try to be more critical on it too. In return I am also encouraging my little sister to read. She like to read those on our native language which is in Filipino. I told her to go on. Then she told me she was reading Taglish (Filipino with a little English). I was more excited for next time it will be in full English already!

MY REALIZATION: The book taught about “what you read is what you are” kind of thing. Meaning whatever you read will determine what kind of person you are. If you would always visit the encyclopedia, you might be a geek or when you have a bunch of pornographic magazines you might be a pervert. I said MIGHT so no one should get offended. The author talks about having a book guide, a person who you would get advice on which book to read and ask for her reviews. I don’t have one, good thing he mentioned about this website called Almudi that does it. I haven’t seen it but I will for sure one of these days. People read those that would interest and entertain them. And most especially those that they could relate to. We develop ourselves through reading – expanded imagination, wider range of knowledge, new principles and perspective about a subject. We learn through books more than those instantly provided in the Internet or even our TVs! But there are so much on the papers nowadays. Not everything should be read because sadly not everything on paper could be helpful to our minds and souls. They’ve been corrupted by the bad side. So be SMART!! Learn to be more critical and rational about this. Before reading a book you should have to take a look at it first. You can read about its synopsis and the reaction of its readers. Once you have decided that you would like to read it then ask someone closer to you like your book guide about his personal stand for it. Then finally you could read it with no worries for anything polluting your mind. So remember to always be smart and critical. I think I could be my sister’s book guide! Find one for yourself and be one to another person. Have a good book read!

FROM THE BOOK: As a consequence, reading increases your capacity to learn.

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What Students Should Know

Due to turnout of unfortunate events for the past days, it is until now that I found the courage to write again. I am not in my best suit now but I’d still give it a shot. I read the book once again to keep my start. I’m on my fifth chapter. If you want to keep track of the past chapters, you can read it from here with titles: (1) How I Made Men Not Respect Me (2) WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX (3) WHAT IS LOVE (The Correct Answer to the Question) (4) Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself


MY EXPERIENCE: I love studying. It is one thing I do best although my grades wont reflect much of it. I failed many subjects in college but it was never a reason for me to stop loving it. Instead it inspired me to do better. It is difficult to keep the fire burning, especially with Engineering and a school like University of the Philippines. More than the impediment my course and school implied, sometimes I find myself a hindrance when I study. It is inevitable at this age to be easily distracted by friends and temptations. There are instances when I get to ruin my schedule and study habit by doing other things I shouldn’t. Then I start cramming and fail quizzes and exams. However, it is of my best luck and hardwork that I pull things together and keep myself on the road. I’ve been to many troubles and complications for the past years, but here I am still eager to learn more.

MY REALIZATION: I study for myself and my loved ones, to graduate and be able to help my family. Being the eldest child that I am, it was imprinted in me since I was in elementary that after finishing school I should support my other siblings. All the more, I am missing something. Studying sometimes is a burden especially when you need more time to spend with your friends, families and your extra curricular activities. It gets boring when the subject is hard to pick up or when it doesn’t interest you at all. I get that sometimes. Though I wanted to study I can’t seem to find inspiration to move on. At chapter five, the author blowed my mind when he mentioned about making studying a devotion to God. He quoted one of my favorite modern saints, St Josemaria Escriva and his book entitled The Way. I read it before but wasn’t able to finish it. Studying could be an act of piety. You have to do it even if you like it or not so you can gratify your parents and God. You use so much effort to start studying and more to keep you unto it – that is an act of penance. Doing something for yourself and your family sometimes is not enough to keep going, you need an inspiration so let God be that inspiration. A spiritual adviser used to tell me that studying could be a deed of prayer. So before and after, I used to say a little prayer. Offer it to God and be blessed. Then you’d be surprised how He moves you and it wouldn’t be much of a responsibility after all.


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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

I’m in a bus right now going to Manila to see my mom. I tried sleeping but the sunlight from the window is distracting me even if the curtain is covering it. To kill time because of a heavy traffic I read Chapter Four. I had my posts about the first three chapters here in my blog entitled How I Made Men Not Respect Me, WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX and WHAT IS LOVE? (The Correct Answer to The Question, respectively. You might want to check them out too!


MY EXPERIENCE: Surfing the internet and being online is part of my system and daily routine. My hand itches if I can’t even check my Facebook notifications. The internet made everything else in the world come in handy, both information and proximity. At grade school I have to open our sets of encyclopedia divided per letter and subject but today you Google it and a thousand searches is there in an instant. Online networking sites make me updated with my friends and families away. They even introduce new friends! Which is very unlikely before computers existed. All these I am saying gives a little background on the fourth chapter of the book which is about internet and gaming.

MY REALIZATION: However, there is just something the author coined that I want to get in depth with, self-doubt. It is not specifically about internet and all the garbage in it but it has something to do with it which I will connect later. But first let me explain how I perceive the concept of Self-doubt. Being hesitant is a good quality of a person because it makes you think and act smart. When you are walking the street alone one night then a shadow of a big guy appears, and you can see him on your peripherals. You try to walk faster and avoid the man without recognizing who he is because you got the feeling he will do something bad to you. That feeling is just right and advisable. It is the appropriate thing to do! Just like when someone texts you that you won a raffle you didn’t even joined and you need to claim at this time and place. You don’t entertain it and ignore it because you are being clever. And because you hesitate and accuse them of being untrue. Why? Simply because people don’t trust that easily. We intend to protect ourselves. But you know, I learned another smart thing to do. Guard yourself from your own self. When you doubt yourself, you do better. When you don’t trust your knowledge on an exam in three days, you would study harder and prepare for it more. Or when you don’t like your cooking, you practice again and repeat it until you get the right recipe. Self-doubt creates an encouragement inside you to give more and expect a greater outcome. It will show you that there is further that you can do, more than your mind and body tells you, more than how you imagined it. Now let’s connect it with the internet stuff earlier. I have some friends who claim they do not act on hideous vices the internet could offer, like pornography. But I couldn’t quite be assured from their words since I know they have easy access on it and they have their bedrooms on their own and they are guys for sake! I doubt them. If you are like my friends and if you are honest with your words, I am advising you what chapter four taught me, disconnect your bedroom internet and use it at a common area in the house instead! It eliminates the temptations of doing naughty things at that set up. Even if you are veracious enough, give yourself the benefit of the doubt just like how you do it with others. It is safer and you could protect yourself from the evils you don’t want in the first place. At the same time you defend yourself from the allurement, because you never know when the devil will speak. Did you know that the most difficult person to fight with is your self? Yes! So never start a duel, remove all the chances of having it. At the end of the day, when you made the wrong decisions you’d still lose over and over with regret and pity.

FROM THE BOOK: You may regard it as ‘encouragement’ to immediately click away pop-ups that suggest these negative media content.

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WHAT IS LOVE? (The Correct Answer to the Question)

I’ve been quite busy the other days with school stuff and everything else on my plate. In fact I only had three hours of sleep last night, that’s why I’m a bit tired and lazy today. I want to release all the negative vibes on my mind and body too, so I can pursue with the project I’m working on and start my day right though it’s afternoon already. I continued the book with Linkin Park music on the background and surprisingly I felt better though the music genre and the book chapter didn’t actually coincide.

MY EXPERIENCE: Chapter three is about love. Of all the topics in the world I guess I can write so much about it since I feel love all the time. My six senses had their work on love for me. I smelled love, tasted it, touched, heard, seen, and felt it in all its types and kinds. I have known love as the sweet chocolates from a lover, or a delicious meal my grandmother prepares for me or a simple text message from my little brother checking up on me. All these actions results to my happiness and joy. Although love comes with many consequences and drawbacks, so far in my life it has all been worth it.

MY REALIZATION: I believe at some point everybody had their experience on love. But being in love is a very different thing. And the book just opened a completely new perspective of it in me. It’s amazing how something I have known for a long time could be something else entirely. I had an ideal form of love tattooed inside me, from all the romantic novels I’ve read especially. I thought it should be passionate and sweet, but it is not just that yet. It is just the coating of it, there’s so much more inside and I’m glad to explore it all. Love is deceiving. Once a friend told me that it isn’t the heart that loves at first, instead it is the person’s eyes. It is sad but true at the same time. When you’re shopping for a new shoes you don’t look at the material it is made of but rather the design, if it looks good on you then the quality just comes next. Most of us love what we see. If a person is good looking, we crush on them or fall in love with them at the instant. But it is not love at all, sorry but it is just feelings. In that way you are deceived by love and your weakness as a human. We feel love, consequently we have the feelings of love. And that is the weakest kind of love. Love is sacrifice. I could not make any more appropriate example but Jesus giving his own life to save mankind. You know that already but here is another instance to make you agree with me and to share my thoughts more importantly. In a relationship of a romantic love, nothing comes easy. You have to give time, money and invest emotions to another person. When you are single you have your time all by yourself, you could just watch all the movies on your hard drive and read all the stack of books at your drawer but having someone means sacrificing all these self time to be with them. Because being with them is home and so much better than anywhere else in the world. Instead of buying yourself a new shirt you badly want, you buy something thoughtful for your girlfriend – that is sacrifice. Sacrifice is not just merely giving, it is giving until it already hurts. It is giving even if it means there’s nothing else left. That is the strongest kind of love. It is staying even if the road gets rocky. Love should be unconditional and selfless. You should love right by loving the other person what they deserve. It is loving someone even if they are not lovable. If it is not sacrificing something, then it is not love and you should think about it.

FROM THE BOOK: It (love) consists of sacrifice – in s-e-l-f-g-i-v-i-n-g, especially when you don’t feel like it.

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I am on my way back to the University when I decided to continue reading the book. If you want to read my personal touch on the First Chapter please see my post entitled How I Made Men Not Respect Me.


MY EXPERIENCE: I am not really liberated but I would call myself open-minded. I am not bounded by the things that could limit my knowledge on anything, even if (especially) when the subject is about sex. I hear and learn about sex through my friends and to what I see on movies. Before college, whenever there is a scene of two people kissing intimately I would close my eyes and try not to imagine what is really going on on the screen. I even hesitate conversing further when my friends talk about their sex life. However as an outcome of my own decisions and “maturing” I learned to accept these things as part of growing up and life itself. I can now look straight when there is a movie love scene. I even fool around with my friends regarding the matter. We talk about sex like it is just another normal activity. I think it is not entirely wrong but rather inappropriate.

MY REALIZATION: I am not blaming anybody on how I see sex. It is all me. After reading the second chapter, there are two things that I won’t forget. (1) Maturity. For the past 21 years I think of maturity as a state you achieve as you age. It is when you learn how to accept the things that come along with growth and development of the society. I thought I was being matured being able to talk about sex casually or never having to feel a little awkward when seeing people making out or having sex, even. But I got the concept all wrong. Maturity is having the courage to stand firm in what you believe in to keep your values intact, whatever the society may dictate to be acceptable and not. Being matured is not wanting to see sex for public viewing and realizing it shouldn’t be shown off but kept in private, which leads me to the second thing. (2) Intimacy. You can find sex anywhere – billboards, TV, magazines, the internet. It could be accessed easily even of children. And all these is a violation of the definition of sex and humanhood. Sex could be defined as an intimate action between two people in love. “intimate action”, I repeat. Intimacy means that it should be kept only between the two people doing it and is not for other people to witness. We never watch other people having sex, why watch those portraying it on the movies or pornography sites if you may. Another is the ravishment of humanhood. Only humans have sex, other than that they are merely mating since the nature tells them to do so. Animals mate not because they are in love, but because it is of their nature to multiply. Yes they have feelings too, but they do not know the concept of being in love. This is why I am against one night stands and having sex with no strings attached, pardon me it is not having sex but mating is the proper term. So if you have sex without love, you are nothing more than an animal. Sex with all the other things in the world may be accepted in public discussions but it should be taken with maturity and intimacy.

FROM THE BOOK: Put simply and just to start off this conversation, we say that sex is an intimate carnal union between a man and a woman in marriage open to life.

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How I Made Men Not Respect Me

A very good friend of mine was bugging me for weeks to read a book he leant me. Since I was busy then I had no time to read anything aside from my handouts and reviewers until tonight. I wanted to do my thesis but I find it difficult to use my computer since my eyes hurt so I ended up going through my bag and found the book. I wasn’t sleepy so I turned the page and started reading it.

So far I have read the foreword, the introduction and the first chapter. It has nine chapters only so I thought I would finish it all tonight and return the book to my friend to stop him from asking anything regarding his favorite book. But after reading the first chapter I closed the book and immediately get my iPad to try absorb it through writing here in my blog.

I really think I would love this book. It is very educational for young people like me. It is informative and the writing is really great. Each chapter discusses different issues the youth asks. The author tries to answer them intellectually through giving wisdom and anecdotes. I want to share this to everybody so as start I would like to give my insights and personal stand on every chapter and maybe we could learn more together.


MY EXPERIENCE: I was never a good dresser. But what I love is dressing up to look pretty and please other people. When I entered college, since we do not have uniforms, it is hard to pick up what to wear everyday. Being the simple girl that I am, I always wear my faded jeans, a shirt and slippers (sometimes rubber shoes) when going to school. I was plain and never adventurous. I’ll just choose whatever is on the top of my pile. I was insecure to my classmates then who dresses up real nice and looks very matured in their clothes. I feel like a kid among my classmates who looks like “ladies”. They usually wear short shorts, sleeveless or in-fashion blouses with high heels and makeup on. Gradually, I tried copying them. Well not just my classmates but also those that I see on TV, to what celebrities wear. I also started wearing shorts and even skirts and high heels! I practiced putting up a little lipgloss. I changed the way I present myself from being just a girl to being a real girl. That was what I think it was.

MY REALIZATION: When I started dressing up too, more guys seem to notice me. Most of them I do not know and are just teasing me when I cross the street or when I pass by them. So I just ignore them. Now I know, it is not me that they notice but the way I carry myself. I am never amused by how they whistle when I walk, but after the first chapter it is me who is at fault and I couldn’t blame them. I realized that it is because my clothes does not commend respect. The ads may have tricked me and my classmates that “less is more beautiful”. Women nowadays show more skin since that is what the TV is telling them, at least. I remember someone debating it and says “It is a medium of expression.” I used to agree on that but after now, expressing yourself doesn’t have to be slutty. I think this is also an angle on why many men are tempted to do bad to women, because of the way they dress. I am not saying men who rape or abuse women through lascivious acts or fantasize on them are at excuse but I really think it is another thing. And just to reduce these chances of bad behavior, I guess one solution is to minimize their temptations and stop pollute their minds by dressing properly. I decided to always wear my jeans, my shirt and my shoes to school – but this time in fashion and in modesty. In that way, may I regain and have respect of others.

FROM THE BOOK: Perhaps better put: to command respect from others, we have to behave respectably, and part of that is dressing up… modestly.

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From Paper To Hearts

I just forwarded to my friend a PDF file of one of my good reads in ebook. Which lead me wanting to talk about my passion in reading.

Books to ebooks.
Books to ebooks.

Last summer was my biggest novel marathon in my entire life. I read ten books, cover to cover! I didn’t buy them but I downloaded EPUB files and had an application installed to open it on my phone. Reading ebooks is not as better as actually reading the book on paper but it’s much cheaper and convenient. I had one month full of exciting stories. This filled my vacation with joy and satisfaction. No regrets not going to the beach or partying too hard because I know I used my time well. I loved it and I miss it now.

I used to read books before. The school required me to finish them for reports. The first novel I actually read for pleasure was Twilight (Stephanie Meyer). My best friend bought me the whole set for high school graduation present. I liked it because it is romantic, the kind of against-all-odds kind of a story. And yes, I finished the series. I handled reading books every now and then every time I can borrow a book from a friend or whenever I have luck buying interesting covers on sale.  And now after a bunch of reads, I could say that my standards were higher compared to the first ones I’ve finished.

I won’t be discussing all of the good novels I’ve fallen in love with because it would be so much to tell. But I’d like to share my feelings towards one of my reads last summer, the same book I’ve given my friend a copy.


Cover of Anna and The French Kiss
Cover of Anna and The French Kiss

It is one of the sweetest books I have encountered. It is romantic, loving, inspiring and youthful. The writer, Stephanie Perkins who eventually became my adored author, used a tone that could capture the heart and soul of her readers. I love her for writing Anna and the French Kiss. It is a literary for teenagers and teens-at-heart. And I think I could be forever young in this dimension.

You bet, the setting is in Paris and yes, it is a passionate place. Because of this, France became my number two country in my list of Places I Wanted to Visit When I Had a Chance. I followed every character in the love tale. It is so good I finished it in a day. I just couldn’t let it go.

Perkins released the second book of the series. The title is Lola and The Boy Next Door. It is a great read too! There is a third installment but it’s not yet out. But I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Sometimes reading is my escape, especially ChickLit. It expands my imagination and developed me be more creative. The stories inspire me in different aspects of my life, be it about family, friendships, relationships and self-worth. Reading is not just a hobby for me, it is my heartjoy.