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Check your account.

There’s a wisdom quote we usually hear that says: In life, it doesn’t matter where you came from or where’s your final destination, what matters is how you go about the journey. And today, I realized how foolish it is.

Human life is a straight line. It begins in Point A, the day you were born, and ends in Point B when you die. Those two are the main elements of your breathing time. The people with you during those events are those who will be relevant in your life’s adventure. 

In your early years, you were probably surrounded by your family. And when you are nearing death, you expect your spouse, children and friends to be by your bedside.

It is important to know where you came from. If you were born poor, use it as inspiration to work hard and live a better life. If you were born rich, appreciate how blessed you are and be affectionate with those in need. The way you will want to go through with your life is set from the beginning. It’s when you envision your dreams and condition your goals. Of course, your aspirations should not be limited on the things you want alone but consider as well the needs of people in your life. 

At the end of it all, observe the persons around you. These people are the ones you gained through the years, and the ones who stayed through it all. They are the people who never left your side during your brightest and even the darkest days.

What gives value in your life is not the material things, not even your experiences. It’s your people. They are your life’s treausure.

The next question is – how rich are you? It’s time you reflect and count how much you have in your life’s account. 

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Guide to Survival 101

To put Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution simply, it says that only the fittest will continually live on this universe. Gladly, humans are considered to be the highest form of all organisms. Above other creatures, we are the smartest. We learned how to defend attack of the wildlife, and how not to go too deep under the ocean and disturb the unfriendly sea animals. We progressively created medicines that heal diseases. We also amazingly send people on the moon and conquer other planets. Humans were able to discover the wonders of life and non-life, and answer the questions “why”.

But.. what does it really take to survive in this life? Is it being smart, just what humans are trying to prove since that great explosion of colliding stars? Is it being strong enough to shield and protect ourselves from sickness? Is it being too cautious and safeguarded to eliminate unexpected dangers?

We were able to outlast storms, earthquakes, and other disasters. Countries were able to rise as a nation from these apocalypse with the help of one another, and seeking assistance from others. And that’s the secret to endure life and continue living.

No one is truly alone. Nobody can pull through anything with himself only. It might be hard to admit sometimes but we need help. Even if you were smart, strong and chary, you would still need someone to help you climb up when you’re trapped in a dark well. Remember it doesn’t take a single person to win a war. 

If you feel the weight of this world is resting on your shoulders, call a friend and share with him your miseries. Or if you feel like noone’s really there, don’t forget about the One above us. He’s the one with the biggest helping hand.

Be generous in helping people in need, and don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s a call of life. 

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Don’t Dare Trust Me


A powerful thing, sometimes more prevailing than love. It can burn down bridges, or it can help you move mountains. It takes hard work to earn it, and a diminutive mistake to collapse it.

It’s an imperative key to a harmonious relationship, any of its kind. It’s having faith to someone, beyond words, beyond your own understanding. It’s when you surrender everything – the things you know and things you will never know. It’s yielding 100% confidence, even if they hurt you.

But the truth is, trust should not be definite to a person. Because humans are fragile and inconsistent.

So don’t just believe in me. Instead have assurance in my love for you, and the commitment that I promised you. I may be weak, but my love for you is strong..

..resilient than the world’s devils, uncertainties, and doubts.

The Brave Ones

I love you.

It isn’t a question but when people say it there’s a response expected.

I love you, too.

That’s a reply-echo only if it is true. But not in all cases. There are multiple other answers, which includes but not limited to:

Thank you.

I’m sorry.

Are you kidding?

Among others, which you don’t want to be the end of.

When a person says that three-word confession, it means he’s hopeful for something in return. For his love to be reciprocated.

For most people, it is a big deal to say the L word. It is an admission of emotions, affection, and of weakness. There will be no situation if the feeling is mutual. But if not, that’s the awkward part. It is when friendships end, and when self-confidence gets flushed down the toilet. It’s when hearts get ripped off.

Saying “I love you” is taking a risk. It’s getting inside a dark room unsure of what’s waiting inside. It’s swimming in a deep blue ocean blindfolded. It’s taking the chance and being completely rejected.

But once you get the answer you wanted badly, you’ll know it’s worth the risk.

More than love itself, it takes a whole lot of courage and guts to admit your feelings to another person unsure if there will be a positive outcome or not. People who declare and proclaim their love are fearless.

Do you have what it takes?



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A Tick on Your Checklist

tickA lot of people find their ideal partner by following a criteria: good-looking, kind, sweet, thoughtful, family-oriented, and so on. That’s how the common list for most of us goes, which is not wrong. It’s good to know what you want. But you might have missed one.

I want to share another qualification you might want to add to your “standards”. I didn’t see this at first too, but I’ve come to realize how significant this one is over time.

Be with someone who motivates you to be a better version of yourself. Be with someone who directs you to the right path. Be with someone who makes you want to change to deserve all the love you’re getting. Be with someone who guides you to be kind.

You might ask, how I come to realize this. Here’s a brief background.

My relationship is challenging. We are a six-year girl-girl couple, living miles away and only seeing each other two days every month. Long distance is lonely and frustrating, especially when you are clingy just like us. As difficult as it is, every minute we spend when we are finally together is priceless. There’s just pure and true love. The affection, care, warmth and adoration is more than the $220 plane ticket.

I’m not sure if I am blessed, or just lucky to have someone who loves me unreservedly. I’m absolutely unworthy of the love I am receiving. That’s why I always tell myself to be kind to people. Just to return the favor to God and the Universe who gave me my happiness.

With the heaving love I am getting, there’s this urge (probably my conscience) inside me which pushes me to be kind to people. But this is just not me, it’s mostly my partner. She’s the one who inspires me and shows me the right kind of love. Love isn’t selfish, it is generous.

When you have this type of relationship, you wouldn’t want this to be kept just to yourself. You will want to share it to others. Spread the love around you today.

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End of the Road

A person’s purpose is the bright star in Christmas eve leading him to his destination. It serves as the basis for his decisions and sometimes principles in life. He builds his dreams around it.

Living without a purpose is like having the right sock on and losing the left one. It is like eating a fried chicken without the skin, or owning a key without knowing what it opens or unlocks. Purpose is the essence of why a person is even breathing. It gives every reason in the morning to wake up and every positive vibe to sleep at night looking forward for another chance in the next day.

If you like to build your own house in the future for your family, you start picturing that now. You study hard in school to earn your degree. And after college you get a job and be good at it. Save some money until you have enough to have that house. But the world isn’t that simple. You might fail subjects and delay your graduation and end up with a crappy boss who gives short salary than what you actually deserve, until you end up renting a unit in a poor condominium with your wife and crying one year old baby.

You should never give up on your dreams, or your purpose. Be a man full of hope and possibilities. Strive harder. Give more sweat. If you do not serve your purpose, why are you even here? What are you doing with your life? Where are you going?

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Wear “Respect” Shirt and “Beautiful” Pants

In my age, dressing up is a bit delicate. There are times I want to be kind of respectable-looking through my outfits. So I’d wear pants and shoes and then blouse or collared shirts for my top. It seems like this trick is working. People start addressing me as “Ma’am” or “Madame” which feels good because it seems like I am mature enough for the title. I’d have a decent boost of confidence. But sometimes I want to breakfree and just be playful with my clothes so I’d wear short shorts and sexy shirts of some sorts. With that, I’ll gain more eyes that scrutinizes me from top to bottom which is a bit overwhelming. While being admired, I lose their respect. And that is just so disappointing.

And today I learned that my sister is also dwelling with the same dilemma. We have decided that screw those people who disrespects us, they are real jerks and perverts. Wear clothes that will make us reputable and beautiful at the same time. Maybe we need to think about wearing those shorts but those corrupts should not affect us in any way because we are not dressing up for anyone but for ourselves. We just have to be comfortable in our own skin.

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Not all things that we want will go as planned. There are many distractions, delays and unexpected circumstances that could interrupt us on our way. And more often than not, we fail to meet our own expectations in life.

As we grow up we learn that those people who we trust the most not to hurt us were the ones who will actually put us down. We will constantly cry with a broken heart, over and over again like it’s always the first time. And it is harder every time. Life moves forward and time passes before our very eyes when things change – they become old and we lose someone close to our hearts. These things are inevitable and nobody can escape from this horror promise. The world is bag full of disappointments.

I am not being pessimistic but rather realistic. Not being naïve is one way to survive the cruel world we’re in. Thinking that everything is acceptable even when they’re not is stupidity and cowardly. Yes we could use a little of that too. But having on open mind and full-on gear and shield on this life will surely make you a survivor. Be a fighter, be brave and be your own hero. Help yourself so you could help others. Fix your broken heart, move on and learn your lesson. Love yourself so they can love you. Appreciate what you’ve got and work hard to make your dreams come to life.

And one of the things I learned from my Papa: When there is fire, get out of the premise as fast as you can. When you saw someone behind, don’t look back and save yourself and let the rescue team help him. But when you are on your way out and you find someone struggling and needs help, well give him a hand if you could. And get out of there.

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Have that passionate belief.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

How beautiful is that. It describes how big of a world we live in and how bigger a person can be. It gives limitless possibilities for dreamers and believers.

A person’s dream is part of his life purpose. We live to achieve those dreams – those targets in life. However, many people find it intricate to live up with that dream because they do not believe in it for they seem impossible to happen. The secret is to have passion and to believe.

Passion is having a very strong feeling towards something or someone. It is an intense emotion that will give you undeniable enthusiasm to do things you cannot imagine yourself. Passion is your driving force to push you transform your dreams from imagination to reality. Quoting Audrey Hepburn,

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”

Believing is accepting something that is true even if you cannot see it physically but you hold unto it still. Our dreams will remain as dreams if we do not believe that we can do it. It’s like picturing your dreams in your head and feeling it in your soul that it will come true. As Steve Maraboli says,

“If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will.”

Never stop dreaming. Have passion in your dreams and believe in yourself. There’s nothing that can stop you. Your imagination is your only drawback.

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I have two hands, for you and for me

Of all the parts of a human body, the one that really connects to a person’s feeling or emotion is the hand.

Although there is a saying that goes, “The window to one’s soul is through his eyes.”, or something like that. I don’t believe that. Maybe because I am not an “eye reader” per se, but that’s just impossible for most of us. You can perhaps express that you’re sad when you’ve got tears on your eyes. Or you’re happy when the sides of your eyes twinkle. But some people aren’t as transparent as they may seem. For one, you can hold back your tears.

For superficial people, most of them think that whatever they are feeling is what their hearts really feel. That’s just wrong. For the thousandth time, the heart just pumps the blood. And the brain, it is the genius one that processes all those stuff so you can feel something or anything. But how does the brain, or the heart for that matter, connect to our emotion?

Well it can’t, physically. You cannot just rip out your chest and examine your heart if it “loves”. You can’t get your eye balls out to check if it is sad or happy. And you cannot crack your skull open just to look at your brain to determine what it really processes.

Good thing God created hands. You might not notice how powerful our hands are. They help extend what we really feel inside to the physical world so we can communicate well with others and most importantly to our selves.

When we are delighted to see our parents after a year, sometimes we clap our hands together unknowingly. When we are ashamed of slipping on the ground, we cover our faces with our hands. Or when we are angry with someone bullying us, we tighten our knuckles. When we fear of having a class presentation, our fingers tremble. These are just a few examples of how we can interpret our hidden emotions by how we use our hands.

And it is amazing how we can use these two to share our sentiments to the people around us. For instance, when you are happy to see a long lost friend, you hug him. Or when you are mad at someone who betrayed you, though you do not intend to, you slap his face. Sometimes we caress our sister’s back to assure her that everything will be alright. Our hands don’t just help us but also others to let them feel how we feel.

Maybe “touch lives” is not a sensory metaphor after all.