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Check your account.

There’s a wisdom quote we usually hear that says: In life, it doesn’t matter where you came from or where’s your final destination, what matters is how you go about the journey. And today, I realized how foolish it is.

Human life is a straight line. It begins in Point A, the day you were born, and ends in Point B when you die. Those two are the main elements of your breathing time. The people with you during those events are those who will be relevant in your life’s adventure. 

In your early years, you were probably surrounded by your family. And when you are nearing death, you expect your spouse, children and friends to be by your bedside.

It is important to know where you came from. If you were born poor, use it as inspiration to work hard and live a better life. If you were born rich, appreciate how blessed you are and be affectionate with those in need. The way you will want to go through with your life is set from the beginning. It’s when you envision your dreams and condition your goals. Of course, your aspirations should not be limited on the things you want alone but consider as well the needs of people in your life. 

At the end of it all, observe the persons around you. These people are the ones you gained through the years, and the ones who stayed through it all. They are the people who never left your side during your brightest and even the darkest days.

What gives value in your life is not the material things, not even your experiences. It’s your people. They are your life’s treausure.

The next question is – how rich are you? It’s time you reflect and count how much you have in your life’s account. 



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