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The Brave Ones

I love you.

It isn’t a question but when people say it there’s a response expected.

I love you, too.

That’s a reply-echo only if it is true. But not in all cases. There are multiple other answers, which includes but not limited to:

Thank you.

I’m sorry.

Are you kidding?

Among others, which you don’t want to be the end of.

When a person says that three-word confession, it means he’s hopeful for something in return. For his love to be reciprocated.

For most people, it is a big deal to say the L word. It is an admission of emotions, affection, and of weakness. There will be no situation if the feeling is mutual. But if not, that’s the awkward part. It is when friendships end, and when self-confidence gets flushed down the toilet. It’s when hearts get ripped off.

Saying “I love you” is taking a risk. It’s getting inside a dark room unsure of what’s waiting inside. It’s swimming in a deep blue ocean blindfolded. It’s taking the chance and being completely rejected.

But once you get the answer you wanted badly, you’ll know it’s worth the risk.

More than love itself, it takes a whole lot of courage and guts to admit your feelings to another person unsure if there will be a positive outcome or not. People who declare and proclaim their love are fearless.

Do you have what it takes?





A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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