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Cheerio, is it?

So, yes. I am putting it out there, out open in the world. I’m not sure if anybody is listening, or if anyone will care but I just have to say it even in covertly in this blog where nobody really knows me. At least I’m brave enough to express it, although not really.

You see, I’m still living with my parents which sucks sometimes. And they’ve been pushing me to move out and work overseas where there will be a lot of opportunities for self-growth which is true. I actually thought of trying my luck and work abroad, too. But they are being so persistent telling it to me every single day which got me thinking that I should really go. Their constant reminder says that I should be on my own since I am old enough however apparently not matured enough. It’s frightening, but I think I have to do this for myself and for them too.

If I go and work there, I will earn more meaning I can give more help to the family. Honestly, we need the money. And I have to save up for my future as well. My worry is not getting a job and fail my sole purpose on why I went there in the first place. But then again, rejections and disappointments will only teach us strength and courage, right?

I think I’m going.

May the stars line up for me.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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