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When I’m 80

One of my greatest fears is getting old. I am afraid to lose my strength, have poor eye sight and have wrinkles on my body. I am scared of not being able to do things I want to.

But whenever I think about us being together until our hair turns gray, my worries disappear. It is not so frightening anymore. I’d love to hold your rough hands and kiss your dry lips. I want us to sit side by side while we watch the sunrise by the beach.

I can picture myself in our house in the future. I will cook our food while you go set the table. You will drop me off at my office then you go to the hospital to do your rounds. And by the end of the day when we are both tired, we will sleep on one bed hugging each other until our eyes surrender with smiles on our faces. And on weekends, we take a break from work and spend time with our families. We will go to the church on Sundays and have dinner on our favorite restaurant, just the two of us.

I am so blessed to have someone like you, someone I feel secured and safe with and that is important in relationships. You make me strong and believe in myself. I am no longer in doubt because you make things possible. You made my dreams come true and more than that you give me what I need even though I do not deserve it.

Even before I ask for it you give it to me. I do not have to say it because you already know what I need and what I want. You spoil me with stuff just to make me smile. You would spend all the money in the world just to give me things. I do not know what I’ve done good in this world to still have you. I am just so blessed that you put up with me.

How I wish I could make you feel the same way. I hope I am loving you right because you are more than perfect. All I am praying is for you to be happy. I will spend every second giving you everything because baby you are my everything.

So no matter what the future holds I know I will be okay because I will have you with me.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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