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I was a cheater.

Was. I was a cheater. I am lucky to have been forgiven. But my disloyalty will never be forgotten. I have to dwell with it for the rest of my life. I have to accept the fact that my partner will never completely trust me again. And it’s okay. I do not care if I feel like the worst person in the world because I deserve it. I am the one fooled around with someone else. Whatever it takes to keep this relationship going, I will do it. Even if it means feeling bad about myself every day.

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I know your smirks and what they mean

I know why your brows are crossed and how to turn them down

I know how you like your coffee and how to cook your favorite eggs

I know you more than anyone else in the world

But being with you every day is still a new adventure

You are a great mystery I am unfolding every day

And I will discover you for the rest of my life – skin to skin, soul to soul

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V Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. Unlike my friends who posted online their bouquets and chocolates, I did not receive any of that. But I did not feel even an inch of jealousy.

We went swimming and ate good burgers for dinner. We watched a new episode of our favorite TV series over two pints of ice cream. And it was simply perfect. Plus we kissed a lot (that will do it!).

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wish you happiness as much as I am feeling right now.