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Wear “Respect” Shirt and “Beautiful” Pants

In my age, dressing up is a bit delicate. There are times I want to be kind of respectable-looking through my outfits. So I’d wear pants and shoes and then blouse or collared shirts for my top. It seems like this trick is working. People start addressing me as “Ma’am” or “Madame” which feels good because it seems like I am mature enough for the title. I’d have a decent boost of confidence. But sometimes I want to breakfree and just be playful with my clothes so I’d wear short shorts and sexy shirts of some sorts. With that, I’ll gain more eyes that scrutinizes me from top to bottom which is a bit overwhelming. While being admired, I lose their respect. And that is just so disappointing.

And today I learned that my sister is also dwelling with the same dilemma. We have decided that screw those people who disrespects us, they are real jerks and perverts. Wear clothes that will make us reputable and beautiful at the same time. Maybe we need to think about wearing those shorts but those corrupts should not affect us in any way because we are not dressing up for anyone but for ourselves. We just have to be comfortable in our own skin.



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