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The Yellow Umbrella (#2)

FIRST PART: Three Bottles of Beer, Six Shots of Tequila (#1)

Dina was shaken for a moment. Confused.

“Ummm. It’s Danny. Danny from the bar?”

Danny helped her figure it out while she’s still measuring him. Her stare shifted from wonder to disgust.

“Oh! DANNY! That’s the name that ruined my life!”

She looked at him sharply.

“Hey! What? I’m just sharing my umbrella!”

She pushed him on the shoulder. Danny took a step backwards. But hesitated and took that step forward so they can be both under the umbrella.

“WHY DID YOU CALL HIM?” She shouted at him.

“Hey Ms Lonely Costumer! I was just doing my job. I don’t know where you live or your sister’s that’s why I thought that calling your speed dial number 1 is the smartest thing to do.”

“You could just have left me there!”

“Right so I can get fired!”

“I thought you waiters just want your costumers to be happy. Well, I could have been happier with that!” Dina said with a smirk. He looked hurt and irritated.

“You know what Ms Lonely Costumer, I have somewhere else to be than be insulted in public. It’s raining and I don’t want to be late. Where are you headed by the way? Maybe I can just walk you there. It looks like the rain will not stop any minute now.”

“It’s none of your business. And who told you I need your umbrella? And don’t call me Ms Lonely Costumer!”

He sighed. “Fine. Take this!”

He handed over the umbrella but she did not receive. He is annoyed already by this stubborn girl. He grabbed her hand and forcefully give her the umbrella. Dina was shocked. She don’t have any other choice but to accept the offer.

She held unto the umbrella. She saw Danny ran and cross the street. He covers his head from the pouring rain with his arms.

“What a real jerk.” She whispered with a smile on her lips.




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