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Wear “Respect” Shirt and “Beautiful” Pants

In my age, dressing up is a bit delicate. There are times I want to be kind of respectable-looking through my outfits. So I’d wear pants and shoes and then blouse or collared shirts for my top. It seems like this trick is working. People start addressing me as “Ma’am” or “Madame” which feels good because it seems like I am mature enough for the title. I’d have a decent boost of confidence. But sometimes I want to breakfree and just be playful with my clothes so I’d wear short shorts and sexy shirts of some sorts. With that, I’ll gain more eyes that scrutinizes me from top to bottom which is a bit overwhelming. While being admired, I lose their respect. And that is just so disappointing.

And today I learned that my sister is also dwelling with the same dilemma. We have decided that screw those people who disrespects us, they are real jerks and perverts. Wear clothes that will make us reputable and beautiful at the same time. Maybe we need to think about wearing those shorts but those corrupts should not affect us in any way because we are not dressing up for anyone but for ourselves. We just have to be comfortable in our own skin.

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The Yellow Umbrella (#2)

FIRST PART: Three Bottles of Beer, Six Shots of Tequila (#1)

Dina was shaken for a moment. Confused.

“Ummm. It’s Danny. Danny from the bar?”

Danny helped her figure it out while she’s still measuring him. Her stare shifted from wonder to disgust.

“Oh! DANNY! That’s the name that ruined my life!”

She looked at him sharply.

“Hey! What? I’m just sharing my umbrella!”

She pushed him on the shoulder. Danny took a step backwards. But hesitated and took that step forward so they can be both under the umbrella.

“WHY DID YOU CALL HIM?” She shouted at him.

“Hey Ms Lonely Costumer! I was just doing my job. I don’t know where you live or your sister’s that’s why I thought that calling your speed dial number 1 is the smartest thing to do.”

“You could just have left me there!”

“Right so I can get fired!”

“I thought you waiters just want your costumers to be happy. Well, I could have been happier with that!” Dina said with a smirk. He looked hurt and irritated.

“You know what Ms Lonely Costumer, I have somewhere else to be than be insulted in public. It’s raining and I don’t want to be late. Where are you headed by the way? Maybe I can just walk you there. It looks like the rain will not stop any minute now.”

“It’s none of your business. And who told you I need your umbrella? And don’t call me Ms Lonely Costumer!”

He sighed. “Fine. Take this!”

He handed over the umbrella but she did not receive. He is annoyed already by this stubborn girl. He grabbed her hand and forcefully give her the umbrella. Dina was shocked. She don’t have any other choice but to accept the offer.

She held unto the umbrella. She saw Danny ran and cross the street. He covers his head from the pouring rain with his arms.

“What a real jerk.” She whispered with a smile on her lips.


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Not all things that we want will go as planned. There are many distractions, delays and unexpected circumstances that could interrupt us on our way. And more often than not, we fail to meet our own expectations in life.

As we grow up we learn that those people who we trust the most not to hurt us were the ones who will actually put us down. We will constantly cry with a broken heart, over and over again like it’s always the first time. And it is harder every time. Life moves forward and time passes before our very eyes when things change – they become old and we lose someone close to our hearts. These things are inevitable and nobody can escape from this horror promise. The world is bag full of disappointments.

I am not being pessimistic but rather realistic. Not being naïve is one way to survive the cruel world we’re in. Thinking that everything is acceptable even when they’re not is stupidity and cowardly. Yes we could use a little of that too. But having on open mind and full-on gear and shield on this life will surely make you a survivor. Be a fighter, be brave and be your own hero. Help yourself so you could help others. Fix your broken heart, move on and learn your lesson. Love yourself so they can love you. Appreciate what you’ve got and work hard to make your dreams come to life.

And one of the things I learned from my Papa: When there is fire, get out of the premise as fast as you can. When you saw someone behind, don’t look back and save yourself and let the rescue team help him. But when you are on your way out and you find someone struggling and needs help, well give him a hand if you could. And get out of there.

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New Girl

So yes. I am back in my hometown. It is great to finally be with my family again. I feel safe the instant I saw them. Though there is still a tiny space in my heart filled with fear. But it is a good scare, I think. It is the type of fear that would only motivate me to go through with this part of my life, especially now that I will be having a different job. Everything is different here -the temperature, the ambiance, the language of the people. I need this fear. I have to. I just have to make sure it won’t swallow me whole alive. 🙂