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Farewell My Beloved Job

It is my last day at work today. I feel out of my depth because I don’t feel like leaving. And at the same time I feel scared of what’s in store for me.

I had a talk with my team. We had on open forum. I shared to them my feedback and they do the same to me. We made it like a constructive criticism. It is overwhelming because they speak so fine about me. I know I am doing my job well but I did not expect such kind words from them. I feel valued which makes my resignation worse.

My stay here might be short but I will forever treasure the education and friendships I gained while working here. I know my decision was right when I accepted this job. I am happy that I became a part of a good team even for a while. Through my employment here, I have learned to appreciate engineering more. I also had good fun friends which made my job easier to bare even during those stressful times.

But some things has to change and I have to move on with my life. I am so gratified to this company because I know I became a better person than the one I used to be when I first started here. Thank you so much, FPI.



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