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Way Home

He slammed the door to her face. She locked the door and started crying. She went to the bathroom and checked herself in the mirror. She could not recognize herself anymore. Her eye make-up were smudged all over her face from the crying. She cried some more and pitied herself. She got the towel and washed her face but the sobbing did not stop. She looks miserable.

He went to the kitchen counter and got the keys to his car. He rushed to the front door. He walked fast that he did not notice their neighbor waving his hand at him for attention. He got into the drive seat. He put his head in the steering wheel and shed a tear. He looks frustrated.

She got into bed without changing her clothes. He checked in into a hotel nearby. She cried. He cried. She slept and he slept with their hearts crushed.

He woke up and turned to the other side of the bed. He was shocked not to feel his wife’s soft hair on his arms. He got up immediately. He needs to see her and apologize. He did not shower or brush his teeth before going. He just got into his car and drove home. He stopped for three bagels and a cup of hot latte, his wife’s favorite.

She woke up and turned to the other side of the bed. She was shocked not to feel her husband’s chest on his head. She got up instantly. She needs to see him. She did not shower or brush her teeth before going. She just got his daily maintenance medicine from their bathroom and went straight for the door.

She turned the knob and was surprised to see him by the front door struggling between the foods he brought and finding their door key on his pocket. She opened the door wider and hugged her husband. She cried. He cried. They both smiled.

Relationships are difficult. Sometimes we might need a break for ourselves. But we will always go back home, to the person whom we will always belong.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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