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I have two hands, for you and for me

Of all the parts of a human body, the one that really connects to a person’s feeling or emotion is the hand.

Although there is a saying that goes, “The window to one’s soul is through his eyes.”, or something like that. I don’t believe that. Maybe because I am not an “eye reader” per se, but that’s just impossible for most of us. You can perhaps express that you’re sad when you’ve got tears on your eyes. Or you’re happy when the sides of your eyes twinkle. But some people aren’t as transparent as they may seem. For one, you can hold back your tears.

For superficial people, most of them think that whatever they are feeling is what their hearts really feel. That’s just wrong. For the thousandth time, the heart just pumps the blood. And the brain, it is the genius one that processes all those stuff so you can feel something or anything. But how does the brain, or the heart for that matter, connect to our emotion?

Well it can’t, physically. You cannot just rip out your chest and examine your heart if it “loves”. You can’t get your eye balls out to check if it is sad or happy. And you cannot crack your skull open just to look at your brain to determine what it really processes.

Good thing God created hands. You might not notice how powerful our hands are. They help extend what we really feel inside to the physical world so we can communicate well with others and most importantly to our selves.

When we are delighted to see our parents after a year, sometimes we clap our hands together unknowingly. When we are ashamed of slipping on the ground, we cover our faces with our hands. Or when we are angry with someone bullying us, we tighten our knuckles. When we fear of having a class presentation, our fingers tremble. These are just a few examples of how we can interpret our hidden emotions by how we use our hands.

And it is amazing how we can use these two to share our sentiments to the people around us. For instance, when you are happy to see a long lost friend, you hug him. Or when you are mad at someone who betrayed you, though you do not intend to, you slap his face. Sometimes we caress our sister’s back to assure her that everything will be alright. Our hands don’t just help us but also others to let them feel how we feel.

Maybe “touch lives” is not a sensory metaphor after all.



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