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I would like to share to you a story that moved me.

A professor holds a glass of water in front of his class.

He asks while holding the glass at arm’s length, “How much does this glass with water weighs?”

“100 grams..” “200 grams!”

“Nobody would actually know unless he weighs it using a scale. So how much would it weigh if I raise the glass higher?”

“Just the same!”, the class chorused.

“Correct. So what would I feel if I raise the glass this high for, let’s say, an hour?”

“Your muscles would hurt!”, says the boy at the front row standing up to prove his confidence on his answer.

“Probably. What if I hold it like this for a day?”

The tall girl at the back laughed and said, “Your muscles could go numb and you can get paralyzed and die!”

“Perhaps. But why? Through the entire time I raised this glass so high, did the weight changed?”

“No.” The class answered silently with wonder on their eyes.

“So why would be harder to raise it for a day than for an hour?”

The class did not answer.

“It’s like handling our problems. When we think of it for a moment, we will feel hurt and our heads might ache too! And if we think of it for a long time, we can be consumed by it. We can get paralyzed and we won’t have the energy and courage to solve our problems.”

The moral of the story is to “PUT YOUR GLASS DOWN”. Yes, put down your problems. It’s okay if you have to dwell on it for a while but don’t let it eat you up and suck all your hope away. Have a good sleep and let the morning be a new beginning! Because what is life without problems? Well, a glass without water in it is good for nothing!




A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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