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anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 2

Last night I posted  (anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 1) the first half of my cousin’s assignment that we both worked on. Here is the other half of it. 

Number 5

An example

The Internet provides everything at hand. When you want to research on something, you just have to Google it. And there you have it on an instant. But one of its functions that I find most beneficial is being connected to my friends through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can post pictures, videos and status to update my friends on what’s going on in my life and in return I could see what’s going on in theirs. In Facebook, not everything could be shared in public. There is Message designed to chat on friends in private. I also love the Like and Share features. Also there are Like Pages so I get the latest news on the celebrities I love. I am also a member of different Groups on Facebook where I get to be informed on the latest with people of same interest.

A paragraph that rounds out the topic

Facebook along with other networking sites is very helpful not just to me but to all its users. It brings families and friends closer to each other even across long distances. It also introduces new relationships when you get to know other people through these sites. Facebook could also be used to develop one’s self through creative posts and pictures.

Number 6

A startling statement

After nine months of complex mood switching, it finally ended for Miley. All the stress and pain is over. She has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. She never expected that it will be this satisfying to see his son for the first time. It felt infinite and everything she’s been through is worth it. Before today, Miley decided to abandon her child because she’s not yet ready. She was surprised to find herself eating her own words because she wants to keep the baby to herself forever.

A prediction or warning

Having a baby at age seventeen is not easy. It is a lot of responsibility to take in. It is scary to carry a child in a womb but much to raise one. She has to provide everything the baby needs since the father left as soon as he found out the situation. Miley has to stop schooling and find a job to feed her baby. Good thing her parents are very supportive. Miley believes that her son is a blessing. It is tough for sure but she’ll do it for love.

Number 7

A question or series of questions

Have you ever experienced being bullied at school because you’re ugly, very thin or very fat?

An emotional statement

Well, Demi experienced being bullied at school because of being overweight. It saddens me how some people could do it. How dare they criticize someone else’s appearance as if it is their fault. Demi is a very talented person but they do not appreciate it because all they can see is how fat she is. Nobody’s perfect and I believe this should be stopped. There should be some sort of school committee that could help destroy chances of bullying. No one should be a victim of this psychological torture.

Number 8

A quotation or proverb

One woman in history that I truly adore is the British actress Audrey Hepburn. There is a quote from Hepburn that really touched my heart. She once said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

A paragraph that emphasizes a point

Through tough times, no person could pass it all without a help, may it be from another person or God. However, to be of help of others you have to help yourself first. You have to make yourself a whole to have that capability. For instance, if you want to help an old man cross a road, you have to know how to cross it yourself first by then you could help him so as not to put the both of you in danger. Another point to look at this is to love yourself first. What if there is no one there for you, you have to be there for yourself. When finally you are complete, you could fully help others with all of you.

Number 9

A familiar incident or character

Jose Rizal is considered as the Philippines’ National Hero because of his great contribution in the country when the Spanish Colony invaded us. He showed bravery through ink and not by blood. He wrote novels, letters, stories and poems that helped Filipinos open their eyes on the real situation and how to be free beside the power the Spaniards take over. He served as an inspiration to many other heroes of the country and even the ordinary people.

A rhetorical question

Everybody can be a hero like him, especially in this time when great people are of need to protect, serve and inspire out motherland. Are you ready to be Jose Rizal?