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Which Book To Read

Feels quite a while since I read the book I’ve been sharing with all of you. So here’s the next chapter…

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MY EXPERIENCE: Reading books is one thing I got from my mother. When I was a kid I would always see her turning the pages of her book at night until she fell asleep. When we were on long drives, she would carry one to entertain herself on the travel. She used to encourage me to do the same and I would. But I was not a constant reader. I even couldn’t finish those required in class. And I would skip pages. I only read those with dialogues. Until a friend bought me the Twilight Series of Stephanie Meyer back in high school. It is the first set I owned. The Twilight Saga was very hit last Summer 2007 I think. So I read them all straight. I finished all four parts in a week and I felt proud. I didn’t skip any page. I liked it before because it was all romantic that it caught my heart. From then on I loved reading novels. I appreciated it because of the joy it brought me when I actually finished one. However, when I entered college, I find it hard to continue the habit I thought I had. I became busy doing requirements and studying. I only make some time to read a little when a friend introduce me to a new read but it took me a long period to finish one until I forget I was reading it. Last year 2012 is when I finally rebirth my love for reading. I have a friend who would always tell me stories about what she is reading. I envied how inspiring she sound so I used to borrow books from her. All the feelings I have when I read just came rushing on my heart. Then I was happy again and satisfied. So every now and then, I read novels. Most of them romantic literature. There is this inner peace I learned to develop inside of me through reading. Books introduce a new world, every time. Now I don’t borrow books anymore. I just download a few from the Internet and voila! I’m quite proud to say my standards of what I read is higher than before. I try to be more critical on it too. In return I am also encouraging my little sister to read. She like to read those on our native language which is in Filipino. I told her to go on. Then she told me she was reading Taglish (Filipino with a little English). I was more excited for next time it will be in full English already!

MY REALIZATION: The book taught about “what you read is what you are” kind of thing. Meaning whatever you read will determine what kind of person you are. If you would always visit the encyclopedia, you might be a geek or when you have a bunch of pornographic magazines you might be a pervert. I said MIGHT so no one should get offended. The author talks about having a book guide, a person who you would get advice on which book to read and ask for her reviews. I don’t have one, good thing he mentioned about this website called Almudi that does it. I haven’t seen it but I will for sure one of these days. People read those that would interest and entertain them. And most especially those that they could relate to. We develop ourselves through reading – expanded imagination, wider range of knowledge, new principles and perspective about a subject. We learn through books more than those instantly provided in the Internet or even our TVs! But there are so much on the papers nowadays. Not everything should be read because sadly not everything on paper could be helpful to our minds and souls. They’ve been corrupted by the bad side. So be SMART!! Learn to be more critical and rational about this. Before reading a book you should have to take a look at it first. You can read about its synopsis and the reaction of its readers. Once you have decided that you would like to read it then ask someone closer to you like your book guide about his personal stand for it. Then finally you could read it with no worries for anything polluting your mind. So remember to always be smart and critical. I think I could be my sister’s book guide! Find one for yourself and be one to another person. Have a good book read!

FROM THE BOOK: As a consequence, reading increases your capacity to learn.



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