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You Pick: Humans VS Animals

Photo not mine.

So here’s the thing. I am not against having a pet but I don’t understand people going gaga over them. I find it impractical. Sure, pets give us company. They are charming and sweet. They become part of the family. And we are saddened when they get sick or worse, die.

Dogs are coined as “man’s best friend”. Worldwide they are considered as the most common pet a household could have . Maybe because they are easy to train and are loyal. But how did it come to that point? Dogs like any other domesticated animals rely the source of food to their owners. They are incapable of having food to themselves because they are not trained to do so, instead they are practiced to be at home and play ball and do tricks to amuse its owner. And afterwards get snack as a reward. As I see it, they follow its master because they know it is only the way it can have something on his stomach otherwise it will starve. This constant act of feeding would build up the connection between the owner and its pet, thus loyalty comes at hand.

We used to have a dog in our house. As I could remember we already had three. When the first one died, we get another one. Then the second one died, we get another one. When the third died nobody tried to initiate buying a new pet. I loved all of them. I feed them and play with them. There are also some time when I used to bathe them. I took care of them because they bring joy to all of us. My family felt sad every single time we lost our dog. My point here is that, it is easy to replace them. Nobody can say I wasn’t attached to them, because I am. I just have this concept of having a pet different from Others.

Others are the ones who are so much connected to their pets they treat them like a person. Actually Others would treat them more than a person. They provide more than a pet or any animal needs. Practically the basic needs of an animal is food, shelter and love. Just like a human being you might say. But not what I am trying to point out. Others take their pet’s needs to a more exaggerated level. They would bring them to the animal salon, buy them expensive clothes and shoes. Some Others would even get them their own stylist! I also read a new spa for animals opening up! All these I find too much.

I am not saying it is wrong to pamper pets. But if you have money to invest a lot to your pet, why not give it to other people who truly needs it. A lot of people are poor, they have limited food and no shelter while your pet has more luxurious lifestyle than them with their own house! Treat animals as animals, treat people as people. In that way you have your pet and you give charity.

However your pet is dressed and beautifully presented, it is still an animal. It does not feel and think like us. They can’t read this post and feel disappointed. Only true animal lovers might be. Animals use their instinct. This is the same reason why sometimes when people curse they say, “You’re like an animal!” and you get offended. We are still on top of the chain, don’t let yourself step down a level with them. Besides, animals are not meant to entertain us. It is meant for us to eat. And they on the other hand should hunt for their own.



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