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Three Bottles of Beer, Six Shots of Tequila (#1)

She took another cigarette and lit it. She’s alone in a crowded bar drinking her beer which is overtasted by her own bitterness. She had three of them but it is not enough.

“Waiter, six shots of tequila please.”

“One shot, Ma’am?”

“I said six!!!”

The waiter looked at her and the three bottles of beer therein. There is no spirit of alcohol yet but she looks pretty messed up with her mascara smudged all over her face.

“Are you sure? Do you have company?”

“Damn sure. Your beer tastes like water, know that? No. Okay, give me my shots.”

“Coming right up.”

She finished the shots right after it was served. And she was crazy drunk in an instant. She opened her eyes. And closes them again. Her head hurts and feels like splitting in two.

When she recovered, she opened them up again and relieved seeing her own bedroom wall. She reviewed what happened last night. She has a blurred memory of drinking in a bar, scolding to one of the bartenders, and feeling sleepy and drunk. She looked for her cellphone on the sheets of her bed. She noticed she’s wearing the exact outfit she’s wearing last night – another relief, nothing stupid happened. She finally found her phone. When she clicked the home button, it lit up and showed a text message from someone she never want to talk to again.

“Take care Dina. Find another place……”

She dropped the phone.

“What the hell?!?!”

She kept on thinking but doesn’t actually know what to think about. For the hundredth time, she regretted drinking again, and smoking. Her hair smells awful. She tried to concentrate again and reached the phone from the floor. She opened the text message.

“Take care Dina. Find another place to hide your spare key. I told you, it is unsafe. -Jim”

She didn’t move for a long time. Then she sat at the edge of her bed. “Why in hell would he text me? And how did he know I’m keeping my key at the same place?” She browsed her phone. Her messages were clean, except for that morning message. She checked her calls. She drunk dialed him! “How stupid of me!!!!” She cried a bit for how careless she was last night. That was the last thing she wants, her ex-boyfriend picking her up in a bar wasted and drunk and ugly. She buried her face in a pillow just to cover up the shame and hurt she’s feeling. But that only caused her head to hurt even more. She thought of getting an aspirin from the bathroom. She got up and head towards the bathroom door. She got one and drank it. She looked herself up in the mirror. Her hair is scattered, her clothes is crumpled and her make up mixed with tears made her look like a witch character. She decided to take a bath.

When she was about to take off her pants, she notice a bulk on the back pocket. She got them. It was a pile of tissue papers. She was about to throw them to the trash can when she noticed there are writings on the paper. She arranged them at the bathroom floor and tried to make sense of it all.

“Ms Lonely Customer, you might not notice it but I have been serving your drinks for the last three months. You always get wasted. And as what our manager always remind us, take care of our customers and make them happy. You have your sister pick you up at the bar before but tonight no one was there until our closing so I called your speed dial one. Take care. And FYI, you’re the first person to have a bad comment on our beer. I told our manager and they’re gonna check on it. Tnx – Danny”

“What a jerk!!”

She threw them and continued to her shower.

“What a real jerk! How could he just invade and touch my things! What if he stole from me! Oh I better check my bag later. I will definitely report that guy to the manager! And to call Jim!!!! That is another thing! He said he served for me for three months. But I can’t even remember him. Ugh!”

She chose to wear a cute sleeveless top and skirt. It’s a saturday and it is supposed to be a warm day according to her weather update application. It is 11am. She feels thirsty and hungry. She got her phone and once again noticed the text message from Jim. She tried to ignore it. Dina texted her sister.

“Where are you? Feed me! Have story and I am mad @ U!”

“Home. Come, just cooked lunch.”

She got her bag and went out. She walked down the street. Her sister’s apartment is just four blocks away. And she wanted to calm her mind too, and she does that with long walks. After five minutes of walking, it rained. She ran. She noticed a man running behind her. She ran faster, and the man did too. She stopped and the man stopped. She faced him. He’s wearing a white plain shirt and black jeans. His muscles can be imagined through the fitted shirt. He’s cute but irritating. She gave him a bad look – confused.

“Are you following me?”

“You’re dressed like that? On a rainy day?”

She just realized he was carrying a big yellow umbrella.

“So what? Stop following me crazy!”

She continued running and again the man followed him. She stopped and faced him for the second time.

“Hey, I am just trying to share my umbrella. Where are you going anyway?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“It’s me, Danny!”

He smiled and reached for a handshake. TO BE CONTINUED



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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