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Fastest Three Seconds Of My Life

I am shaking until now. A terrible thing happened twenty minutes ago. I could still feel my heart pounding fast. And everything is still clear in my head. I am very frightened by that experience. There are a lot in this world that could make you feel those things, that could make adrenalin rush into your head. But this one is worse because I had it with a dreadful situation.

I was in a jeepney going to the bus terminal and on for a thirty-minute ride. When I went in there is only two passengers inside which makes us four. One passenger is sitting beside the driver so it left me and an old lady at the back. I payed my fare and sat at the end so I can easily drop off when I came to my stop, that is my usual spot. The old lady was at the middle of the opposite row. It went just fine until we reached in front of a busy church which delayed the jeepney’s traffic. I got my phone and texted my friend. Then two teenaged guys loaded the jeepney and they sat at the other row, making them in line with the old lady. One guy was sitting in front of me. The other was sitting close to the old lady. I was busily texting and alternately looking at my phone and the two when out of the blue the fastest three seconds of my life flashed in front of me. Within that short period, they managed to get the earrings and the bag of the old lady, and they left the still on heavy traffic jeepney. I was shocked and immediately grabbed my bag closer to my possession. I saw everything and I could remember the poor face of the old lady. She was physically hurt by how heedless he grabbed her earrings and bag. Actually only the guy sitting beside her did all the action, the guy in front of me seemed to be the lookout. When they were gone, the four of us were speechless. Then I found my tongue when I saw her ears reddish from pain and with a little blood. I asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine but still shaggy for what just had happened. I was worried about her and asked her if I could do anything, the other passenger and the driver did the same. She said she just wanted to go home. The driver went on until we came to her stop. She dropped off and we said our goodbyes and take-cares. The rest of the travel went alright but I am still in awe. A lot of other people loaded the jeepney while I had my eyes wide open for future incidents, until I dropped off.

I am on the bus now and listening to my feel-good music to calm my mind and body. Also writing this all made me feel better. I have a lesson learned and that is to be more careful of my valuables especially at public areas. Thank God nothing more dangerous happened to us, importantly the old lady. May you have a safe trip!



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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