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What Students Should Know

Due to turnout of unfortunate events for the past days, it is until now that I found the courage to write again. I am not in my best suit now but I’d still give it a shot. I read the book once again to keep my start. I’m on my fifth chapter. If you want to keep track of the past chapters, you can read it from here with titles: (1) How I Made Men Not Respect Me (2) WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX (3) WHAT IS LOVE (The Correct Answer to the Question) (4) Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself


MY EXPERIENCE: I love studying. It is one thing I do best although my grades wont reflect much of it. I failed many subjects in college but it was never a reason for me to stop loving it. Instead it inspired me to do better. It is difficult to keep the fire burning, especially with Engineering and a school like University of the Philippines. More than the impediment my course and school implied, sometimes I find myself a hindrance when I study. It is inevitable at this age to be easily distracted by friends and temptations. There are instances when I get to ruin my schedule and study habit by doing other things I shouldn’t. Then I start cramming and fail quizzes and exams. However, it is of my best luck and hardwork that I pull things together and keep myself on the road. I’ve been to many troubles and complications for the past years, but here I am still eager to learn more.

MY REALIZATION: I study for myself and my loved ones, to graduate and be able to help my family. Being the eldest child that I am, it was imprinted in me since I was in elementary that after finishing school I should support my other siblings. All the more, I am missing something. Studying sometimes is a burden especially when you need more time to spend with your friends, families and your extra curricular activities. It gets boring when the subject is hard to pick up or when it doesn’t interest you at all. I get that sometimes. Though I wanted to study I can’t seem to find inspiration to move on. At chapter five, the author blowed my mind when he mentioned about making studying a devotion to God. He quoted one of my favorite modern saints, St Josemaria Escriva and his book entitled The Way. I read it before but wasn’t able to finish it. Studying could be an act of piety. You have to do it even if you like it or not so you can gratify your parents and God. You use so much effort to start studying and more to keep you unto it – that is an act of penance. Doing something for yourself and your family sometimes is not enough to keep going, you need an inspiration so let God be that inspiration. A spiritual adviser used to tell me that studying could be a deed of prayer. So before and after, I used to say a little prayer. Offer it to God and be blessed. Then you’d be surprised how He moves you and it wouldn’t be much of a responsibility after all.




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