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Husbands and Wives and The Thing About Marriage

Last week when I met with my mom, she was whining about how irritating my dad is. And yesterday, I had a chat with my dad and he was growling about my mom too. As usual they are fighting. Though it made me sad I listened to them both. I figured the real problem is about submission. My dad said mom is not at any venue amenable but mom says otherwise. My dad can’t seem to understand my mom. This has been a debate for years since my mom earns more than my dad. Also there are some decisions unknown by my dad because he is far away working.

I heard enough of their complaints with each other and I’ve given them advices. I got to learn a lot from the situation, especially on the aspect of submission. I read an article that says “wives should be submissive to their husbands”. I guess I’ve read that from The Bible too. I agree to that, no arguments. But after all that I’ve been exposed to, I think husbands should be as submissive to their wives as well.

Submission as I know it is in this concept, is the act of surrendering oneself in possession of another person. I think when two people entered a marriage it should be a given fact that they have relinquished themselves and given all of them to their partners in front of the church and their religion. When I said “given all of them”, I mean a person will no longer live wholly for himself alone but for his wife or husband. You will no longer work to feed your own but for the family. And everything that you have, you share it with your other half. Decisions should be made by the both of you and everything else that is agreed upon. You are never a single person since the day you’ve given yourself for love.

I believe my parents missed this point, the true essence of marriage and submission.



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