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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

I’m in a bus right now going to Manila to see my mom. I tried sleeping but the sunlight from the window is distracting me even if the curtain is covering it. To kill time because of a heavy traffic I read Chapter Four. I had my posts about the first three chapters here in my blog entitled How I Made Men Not Respect Me, WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX and WHAT IS LOVE? (The Correct Answer to The Question, respectively. You might want to check them out too!


MY EXPERIENCE: Surfing the internet and being online is part of my system and daily routine. My hand itches if I can’t even check my Facebook notifications. The internet made everything else in the world come in handy, both information and proximity. At grade school I have to open our sets of encyclopedia divided per letter and subject but today you Google it and a thousand searches is there in an instant. Online networking sites make me updated with my friends and families away. They even introduce new friends! Which is very unlikely before computers existed. All these I am saying gives a little background on the fourth chapter of the book which is about internet and gaming.

MY REALIZATION: However, there is just something the author coined that I want to get in depth with, self-doubt. It is not specifically about internet and all the garbage in it but it has something to do with it which I will connect later. But first let me explain how I perceive the concept of Self-doubt. Being hesitant is a good quality of a person because it makes you think and act smart. When you are walking the street alone one night then a shadow of a big guy appears, and you can see him on your peripherals. You try to walk faster and avoid the man without recognizing who he is because you got the feeling he will do something bad to you. That feeling is just right and advisable. It is the appropriate thing to do! Just like when someone texts you that you won a raffle you didn’t even joined and you need to claim at this time and place. You don’t entertain it and ignore it because you are being clever. And because you hesitate and accuse them of being untrue. Why? Simply because people don’t trust that easily. We intend to protect ourselves. But you know, I learned another smart thing to do. Guard yourself from your own self. When you doubt yourself, you do better. When you don’t trust your knowledge on an exam in three days, you would study harder and prepare for it more. Or when you don’t like your cooking, you practice again and repeat it until you get the right recipe. Self-doubt creates an encouragement inside you to give more and expect a greater outcome. It will show you that there is further that you can do, more than your mind and body tells you, more than how you imagined it. Now let’s connect it with the internet stuff earlier. I have some friends who claim they do not act on hideous vices the internet could offer, like pornography. But I couldn’t quite be assured from their words since I know they have easy access on it and they have their bedrooms on their own and they are guys for sake! I doubt them. If you are like my friends and if you are honest with your words, I am advising you what chapter four taught me, disconnect your bedroom internet and use it at a common area in the house instead! It eliminates the temptations of doing naughty things at that set up. Even if you are veracious enough, give yourself the benefit of the doubt just like how you do it with others. It is safer and you could protect yourself from the evils you don’t want in the first place. At the same time you defend yourself from the allurement, because you never know when the devil will speak. Did you know that the most difficult person to fight with is your self? Yes! So never start a duel, remove all the chances of having it. At the end of the day, when you made the wrong decisions you’d still lose over and over with regret and pity.

FROM THE BOOK: You may regard it as ‘encouragement’ to immediately click away pop-ups that suggest these negative media content.



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