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My Favorite Authors and Our Common Denominator

Correct me if I’m wrong, but more than expressing one’s self he writes to impress. It’s completely natural and acceptable since humans exist to please other people. I’ve been reviewing my posts from all three categories here in my blog. I noticed most stories I created is either a sad situation turning to a happy ending or a perfect life crushing then. Come to think of it, it’s just not me but all stories are like that with two main reasons – inspire and entertain.

I’ve been wanting to share another story but I couldn’t think of a new way to say it otherwise. I compared myself with the authors I love. Once I liked a book, I will immediately research on its author and the books written under his/her name. Then I read them too. After the third book, I feel saturated and quite bored on the style and the flow of the story because there is a sense of repetition in there with the characters and setting changed but with the same atmosphere as I have mentioned – sad to happy or happy to sad. And this happened to me not one time but with a few actually. (But I still adore those authors!) Indeed I am like them, only they are better writers.

It left me hanging on the question: how do you make a story unique?

Want to know who my favorite authors are? Visit my Goodreads account with the link found here in my blog!



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