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WHAT IS LOVE? (The Correct Answer to the Question)

I’ve been quite busy the other days with school stuff and everything else on my plate. In fact I only had three hours of sleep last night, that’s why I’m a bit tired and lazy today. I want to release all the negative vibes on my mind and body too, so I can pursue with the project I’m working on and start my day right though it’s afternoon already. I continued the book with Linkin Park music on the background and surprisingly I felt better though the music genre and the book chapter didn’t actually coincide.

MY EXPERIENCE: Chapter three is about love. Of all the topics in the world I guess I can write so much about it since I feel love all the time. My six senses had their work on love for me. I smelled love, tasted it, touched, heard, seen, and felt it in all its types and kinds. I have known love as the sweet chocolates from a lover, or a delicious meal my grandmother prepares for me or a simple text message from my little brother checking up on me. All these actions results to my happiness and joy. Although love comes with many consequences and drawbacks, so far in my life it has all been worth it.

MY REALIZATION: I believe at some point everybody had their experience on love. But being in love is a very different thing. And the book just opened a completely new perspective of it in me. It’s amazing how something I have known for a long time could be something else entirely. I had an ideal form of love tattooed inside me, from all the romantic novels I’ve read especially. I thought it should be passionate and sweet, but it is not just that yet. It is just the coating of it, there’s so much more inside and I’m glad to explore it all. Love is deceiving. Once a friend told me that it isn’t the heart that loves at first, instead it is the person’s eyes. It is sad but true at the same time. When you’re shopping for a new shoes you don’t look at the material it is made of but rather the design, if it looks good on you then the quality just comes next. Most of us love what we see. If a person is good looking, we crush on them or fall in love with them at the instant. But it is not love at all, sorry but it is just feelings. In that way you are deceived by love and your weakness as a human. We feel love, consequently we have the feelings of love. And that is the weakest kind of love. Love is sacrifice. I could not make any more appropriate example but Jesus giving his own life to save mankind. You know that already but here is another instance to make you agree with me and to share my thoughts more importantly. In a relationship of a romantic love, nothing comes easy. You have to give time, money and invest emotions to another person. When you are single you have your time all by yourself, you could just watch all the movies on your hard drive and read all the stack of books at your drawer but having someone means sacrificing all these self time to be with them. Because being with them is home and so much better than anywhere else in the world. Instead of buying yourself a new shirt you badly want, you buy something thoughtful for your girlfriend – that is sacrifice. Sacrifice is not just merely giving, it is giving until it already hurts. It is giving even if it means there’s nothing else left. That is the strongest kind of love. It is staying even if the road gets rocky. Love should be unconditional and selfless. You should love right by loving the other person what they deserve. It is loving someone even if they are not lovable. If it is not sacrificing something, then it is not love and you should think about it.

FROM THE BOOK: It (love) consists of sacrifice – in s-e-l-f-g-i-v-i-n-g, especially when you don’t feel like it.



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