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I am on my way back to the University when I decided to continue reading the book. If you want to read my personal touch on the First Chapter please see my post entitled How I Made Men Not Respect Me.


MY EXPERIENCE: I am not really liberated but I would call myself open-minded. I am not bounded by the things that could limit my knowledge on anything, even if (especially) when the subject is about sex. I hear and learn about sex through my friends and to what I see on movies. Before college, whenever there is a scene of two people kissing intimately I would close my eyes and try not to imagine what is really going on on the screen. I even hesitate conversing further when my friends talk about their sex life. However as an outcome of my own decisions and “maturing” I learned to accept these things as part of growing up and life itself. I can now look straight when there is a movie love scene. I even fool around with my friends regarding the matter. We talk about sex like it is just another normal activity. I think it is not entirely wrong but rather inappropriate.

MY REALIZATION: I am not blaming anybody on how I see sex. It is all me. After reading the second chapter, there are two things that I won’t forget. (1) Maturity. For the past 21 years I think of maturity as a state you achieve as you age. It is when you learn how to accept the things that come along with growth and development of the society. I thought I was being matured being able to talk about sex casually or never having to feel a little awkward when seeing people making out or having sex, even. But I got the concept all wrong. Maturity is having the courage to stand firm in what you believe in to keep your values intact, whatever the society may dictate to be acceptable and not. Being matured is not wanting to see sex for public viewing and realizing it shouldn’t be shown off but kept in private, which leads me to the second thing. (2) Intimacy. You can find sex anywhere – billboards, TV, magazines, the internet. It could be accessed easily even of children. And all these is a violation of the definition of sex and humanhood. Sex could be defined as an intimate action between two people in love. “intimate action”, I repeat. Intimacy means that it should be kept only between the two people doing it and is not for other people to witness. We never watch other people having sex, why watch those portraying it on the movies or pornography sites if you may. Another is the ravishment of humanhood. Only humans have sex, other than that they are merely mating since the nature tells them to do so. Animals mate not because they are in love, but because it is of their nature to multiply. Yes they have feelings too, but they do not know the concept of being in love. This is why I am against one night stands and having sex with no strings attached, pardon me it is not having sex but mating is the proper term. So if you have sex without love, you are nothing more than an animal. Sex with all the other things in the world may be accepted in public discussions but it should be taken with maturity and intimacy.

FROM THE BOOK: Put simply and just to start off this conversation, we say that sex is an intimate carnal union between a man and a woman in marriage open to life.



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