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How I Made Men Not Respect Me

A very good friend of mine was bugging me for weeks to read a book he leant me. Since I was busy then I had no time to read anything aside from my handouts and reviewers until tonight. I wanted to do my thesis but I find it difficult to use my computer since my eyes hurt so I ended up going through my bag and found the book. I wasn’t sleepy so I turned the page and started reading it.

So far I have read the foreword, the introduction and the first chapter. It has nine chapters only so I thought I would finish it all tonight and return the book to my friend to stop him from asking anything regarding his favorite book. But after reading the first chapter I closed the book and immediately get my iPad to try absorb it through writing here in my blog.

I really think I would love this book. It is very educational for young people like me. It is informative and the writing is really great. Each chapter discusses different issues the youth asks. The author tries to answer them intellectually through giving wisdom and anecdotes. I want to share this to everybody so as start I would like to give my insights and personal stand on every chapter and maybe we could learn more together.


MY EXPERIENCE: I was never a good dresser. But what I love is dressing up to look pretty and please other people. When I entered college, since we do not have uniforms, it is hard to pick up what to wear everyday. Being the simple girl that I am, I always wear my faded jeans, a shirt and slippers (sometimes rubber shoes) when going to school. I was plain and never adventurous. I’ll just choose whatever is on the top of my pile. I was insecure to my classmates then who dresses up real nice and looks very matured in their clothes. I feel like a kid among my classmates who looks like “ladies”. They usually wear short shorts, sleeveless or in-fashion blouses with high heels and makeup on. Gradually, I tried copying them. Well not just my classmates but also those that I see on TV, to what celebrities wear. I also started wearing shorts and even skirts and high heels! I practiced putting up a little lipgloss. I changed the way I present myself from being just a girl to being a real girl. That was what I think it was.

MY REALIZATION: When I started dressing up too, more guys seem to notice me. Most of them I do not know and are just teasing me when I cross the street or when I pass by them. So I just ignore them. Now I know, it is not me that they notice but the way I carry myself. I am never amused by how they whistle when I walk, but after the first chapter it is me who is at fault and I couldn’t blame them. I realized that it is because my clothes does not commend respect. The ads may have tricked me and my classmates that “less is more beautiful”. Women nowadays show more skin since that is what the TV is telling them, at least. I remember someone debating it and says “It is a medium of expression.” I used to agree on that but after now, expressing yourself doesn’t have to be slutty. I think this is also an angle on why many men are tempted to do bad to women, because of the way they dress. I am not saying men who rape or abuse women through lascivious acts or fantasize on them are at excuse but I really think it is another thing. And just to reduce these chances of bad behavior, I guess one solution is to minimize their temptations and stop pollute their minds by dressing properly. I decided to always wear my jeans, my shirt and my shoes to school – but this time in fashion and in modesty. In that way, may I regain and have respect of others.

FROM THE BOOK: Perhaps better put: to command respect from others, we have to behave respectably, and part of that is dressing up… modestly.



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