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Truth About Lies

This post might be full of lies and that’s the truth I’m not gonna lie about. Everybody lies. Actually everybody has the habit of lying, not only to other people but most of the time and the saddest of all, is lying to themselves. Because the truth is the truth itself is scary. So people settle in lying to being lied to.

We lie to protect our feelings and especially those of our friends and families. We lie to get out of trouble and to escape the consequences of our actions. We lie to hide the truth of the dark things we do and didn’t do. We lie to coat our shameful behavior. Lying is used an armor to cover up our mistakes.

Lies build up relationships but it is its destroyer too. The truth now is just an option. Humans were created so as to have his own mind to decide for himself, to accept and reject the things that he want or not in his life. We call it “freewill”. In the same way, it is of the person’s freewill to entertain only the truth or be satisfied with the lie. Most people want the truth even if it means it will hurt them, they say “It’s alright if I’m in pain now at least I’m not some idiot believing to a lie.” While others say, “It’s okay to be lied to since not all things are meant to be known. There’s always a reason why people lie and it’s always not to hurt others.” Both points could be a lie or either one could be true. But what is?

There’s a thin layer between a lie and a truth. It’s confrontation. This is the scary part. And this is what we never want to happen, or end up with. We hate to be called liars that’s why but we never stopped lying. An irony. In confrontation stage, sometimes we have the chance of sticking up with the lie and create more lies or face the truth along with its punishments. I guess that’s one basic instance of being caught up the middle, the middle of the Confrontation Bridge.

Which end will you run into?



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