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Having Breakfast and Sex

Daniel feels strange today. Something is definitely wrong. It is not his sleep orientation problem or the smell of their breakfast atmosphere (that he usually hates because of his dad’s awful cooking) or even his naturally frizzy hair. He put on his clothes and combed his ugly awkward hair. He got his phone from overcharging last night and texted his girlfriend.

“Good morning babe, see you later @ Joe’s?”

He got down and poured himself a coffee, he ignored the overcooked bacon and messed up pancake his dad carefully laid on his favorite square plate. He got himself a banana instead. After he emptied his cup, his phone beeped.

“Sure, but pick me up will you?”

“Alright, be there in one hour.”

“Thank you babe! See u”

His dad was already on the kitchen disappointed on his cooking for the hundredth time. More than Daniel, his dad suffers more and sadder not to feed his child right.

“Dad, I need to use the car today. I have to pick up Jane for Joe’s garage sale later. Where are the keys by the way?”

“I noticed you didn’t touch your food again?”

“Oh, yeah. So where are the keys?”

“Back at my office.”

Without saying a word or two, Daniel rushed to his dad’s office and got the keys. He climbed back to his room and crashed his bathroom. He bathed for fifteen minutes and put a nicer shirt and a new pair of clean pants. He fixed his hair with wax and put on his usual chucks.

“Later, Dad!”

He left the house and his dad frozen. He stopped by a Stop N Go to buy himself chips and soft drinks and he also bought Jane her favorite chocolate bar. He feels a little thoughtful today. He started the engine again and eats his “breakfast” on the road. Then he feels himself again. The strange feeling isn’t gone, it is still there. Daniel popped the thought of it and concentrated on the road. He couldn’t afford another driving penalty ticket. He arrived at Jane’s ten minutes early. He knocked on the door and Jane’s brother answered it.

“Jane the jerk is here!”

He noticed the deep voice on the word jerk. It was emphasized and that was unusual since Jane’s family has been always nice to him, except today. Jane came down fast with a blue dress on and the same doll shoes she wore yesterday at school. She kissed him on the cheek. He’s still outside the house.

“Hi babe. Sorry for that, you know how stupid Jerry is sometimes.”


But they both know it is lie.

“So should we get going? I’d like to invite you in and eat breakfast but I can smell barbecue all over your face so I guess you had eaten already?”

“Yeah, I’m good. But if you haven’t had anything I can wait for you. And oh, I have Snickers for you back in the car.”

“Sweet! I guess I’ll just have that. I’m not that hungry anyway. So, let’s go?”

“Come on!”

Back in the car and on the road, Jane got the chocolate and eat it. But after a bite she felt nauseated and kept and bar on her purse. Daniel didn’t missed it.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

Jane turned left and faced Daniel. She looked into his side.

“Daniel, I am pregnant.”

Daniel pushed the break pad hard abruptly that Jane caught her breath. He pulled the car over and turned off the engine. This will be one of the longest talks in his life, he assumed.

“What do you mean you’re pregnant?! Like pregnant I’m gonna be screwed or like your pregnant like really pregnant?”

“It is odd how you used the word pregnant and like in the same sentence more than twice.”


“Yes, Daniel. I’m pregnant like really pregnant and we are screwed.”

“Oh shit!”

They are silent for a minute then Jane broke it and talked calmly.

“I’m sorry but I am not sorry. In fact I am happy to have this baby. I am just scared my parents would kill me. But Jerry knows.”

“That’s why he’s unwelcome earlier. How come he knows it before I do?”

“I don’t want to tell you unless I am 100% positive so I asked him to drive me to the clinic.”

“When did you knew?”

“Yesterday after school.”

“What are we gonna do?”

“I’d like to keep the baby. But don’t worry I am not gonna make you keep it too. I mean, you can just walk away from us. I know we’re not ready, I know you’re not. I’m not going to ruin your life. I don’t want that.”

There is a longer silence. No one dared to talk. Jane could hear her wrist watch. She started sobbing. With tears in her eyes, Daniel took her hand and wiped her cheeks with his other hand.

“We’re keeping the baby.”

She smiled and hugged the father of his child for the first time.

“You and our baby will be fine, Jane. I promise you. I love you.”

“I love you babe.”

The crying stopped. Daniel shifted and started the engine. He drove back to his house to tell his father. At the porch, he held Jane’s hand on the side and called out to his dad. His dad was on his office reading an old book.

“Dad, Jane is pregnant and we’re keeping the baby. I know you’ll be mad and I’ll be a disgrace but unless you support us then I’ll be out of here without hesitation. I decided to quit school and find a job to feed them and for the hospital care and all those shit.”

Jane squeezed his hand. She was shocked on how Daniel decided all these without even talking about it. He gave her a don’t-worry-about-it look. The room is quiet while his dad stared at them.

“Son, it is alright. I understand. You don’t have to drop off of school. You’ll finish high school in three months. I guess Jane could also handle it until graduation. We’re all on this together. I’ve been a bad parent to you and I think it will be the best time to be a good one. Don’t worry so much on the financial stuff. I could help you out while you’re still studying. I could lend you money then you can pay me after you had a stable work. You both can stay here at our house if Jane’s parents permit but I doubt they would want that until you guys got married or something. I learned how conservative they are. By the way, have you told them about it?”

It was silent again. Then Daniel came to his dad and cried. He hugged him and he stayed there long enough to make him struggle for breath. He let him go with a little crying still.

“Thank you Dad. I’m sorry for being a jerk to you since Mom left. Sorry for blaming it all on you. And sorry for not eating breakfast. It is awful though.”

“That awful? Really? Didn’t realize it.”

The three of them laughed with pure joy.

Pregnancy at young age is not always this prefect. Things don’t usually get this easy. That’s why some are tempted and do abortion, the immoral killing of a child. There are instances when parents kick their children out or when the father of the baby broke up with the mother and forget about them entirely. There are also some people who give birth then give up the baby for adoption. I am not going go tell you how bad it could get when you engage in premarital sex. That’s boring and I bet you already know about it through books and movies and also on life stories your parents used to scare you with. I just offered an ideal story of it and everything else is up to you and your partner. Anyway, have a safe sex!



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