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anything under the sun, the moon and the sky 1

I was helping my cousin get some work done for the weekend. She was asked to write several paragraphs that would have a good introduction and conclusion. We did this together, I guided her through. Here is the half of it. We were sleepy so the rest we will do tomorrow.

Number 1

A statement of a situation
More than the typhoon hitting Luzon and some parts of the Visayas last month, a greater disaster is being experienced by the Philippines right now. The government feeds on taxes the people pay. There is tax almost on everything. This tax is collected to be of government use. “Pork Barrel” is given to the senators, congressmen and even the local government. This serves as their budget to be used for projects that would help its people. However some of these officials were accused of corrupting them and using the money for their personal consumption. The sad part is that the money they took happened years ago and just found out now.

A request for action
Filipinos do not deserve this kind of service. The government was all strict about paying the taxes but they are using it the wrong way. I think one way to minimize all these is for them to be more transparent. The people should know where the money the government forcefully takes from them go. This information should be visually presented to the public. This country deserves the truth.

Number 2

An anecdote or brief narrative
There is this show called The Vampire Diaries that I really love. The protagonist is a high school senior named Ellena. She lost her parents from a car accident. She became miserable until she met Stephan who happened to be a vampire and she fell in love with him instantly.

The most important point or climax
The story becomes more exciting when Stephan’s brother, Damon who is a vampire too, also irresistibly fell in love with Elena. The brothers used to fight all the time and more for the love of one woman. The thrill grows when Elena was transformed to a vampire. I think there is nothing more adventurous than a love triangle of three blood-sucking vampires.

Number 3

A description

It is relaxing. One thing that could relax my mood is the sound of the ocean. There is this hum of peacefully running water that soothes my ears. It is soft and calm. It seems like it hypnotizes every bad vibe inside me and takes it all away. I also like how it the water sounds when it hits a big rock. The splash makes it realistic and alive. The ocean is very rebirthing and refreshing.

A final quotation to add force to what you have said
I would like to share something from John F. Kennedy. He says, “We are tied to the ocean. And we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”

Number 4

A definition
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 of the Bible defines Love as something that is patient and kind. It doesn’t envy, boast, or proud. It isn’t rude, self-seeking, easily angered and it keeps no record or wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Love never fails.

A summary to make sure you get your ideas across
It is the most definite, exact and perfect definition of love. Love in its form is very complex and sometimes difficult to understand. However, the verse says the right words to truly explain what love should be and for us to experience all the beauty that comes with it.

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Which Book To Read

Feels quite a while since I read the book I’ve been sharing with all of you. So here’s the next chapter…

The posts regarding the past chapters are listed below under my category livingwithpleasure.
(1) How I Made Men Not Respect Me
(3) WHAT IS LOVE (The Correct Answer to The Question)
(4) Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself
(5) What Students Should Know


MY EXPERIENCE: Reading books is one thing I got from my mother. When I was a kid I would always see her turning the pages of her book at night until she fell asleep. When we were on long drives, she would carry one to entertain herself on the travel. She used to encourage me to do the same and I would. But I was not a constant reader. I even couldn’t finish those required in class. And I would skip pages. I only read those with dialogues. Until a friend bought me the Twilight Series of Stephanie Meyer back in high school. It is the first set I owned. The Twilight Saga was very hit last Summer 2007 I think. So I read them all straight. I finished all four parts in a week and I felt proud. I didn’t skip any page. I liked it before because it was all romantic that it caught my heart. From then on I loved reading novels. I appreciated it because of the joy it brought me when I actually finished one. However, when I entered college, I find it hard to continue the habit I thought I had. I became busy doing requirements and studying. I only make some time to read a little when a friend introduce me to a new read but it took me a long period to finish one until I forget I was reading it. Last year 2012 is when I finally rebirth my love for reading. I have a friend who would always tell me stories about what she is reading. I envied how inspiring she sound so I used to borrow books from her. All the feelings I have when I read just came rushing on my heart. Then I was happy again and satisfied. So every now and then, I read novels. Most of them romantic literature. There is this inner peace I learned to develop inside of me through reading. Books introduce a new world, every time. Now I don’t borrow books anymore. I just download a few from the Internet and voila! I’m quite proud to say my standards of what I read is higher than before. I try to be more critical on it too. In return I am also encouraging my little sister to read. She like to read those on our native language which is in Filipino. I told her to go on. Then she told me she was reading Taglish (Filipino with a little English). I was more excited for next time it will be in full English already!

MY REALIZATION: The book taught about “what you read is what you are” kind of thing. Meaning whatever you read will determine what kind of person you are. If you would always visit the encyclopedia, you might be a geek or when you have a bunch of pornographic magazines you might be a pervert. I said MIGHT so no one should get offended. The author talks about having a book guide, a person who you would get advice on which book to read and ask for her reviews. I don’t have one, good thing he mentioned about this website called Almudi that does it. I haven’t seen it but I will for sure one of these days. People read those that would interest and entertain them. And most especially those that they could relate to. We develop ourselves through reading – expanded imagination, wider range of knowledge, new principles and perspective about a subject. We learn through books more than those instantly provided in the Internet or even our TVs! But there are so much on the papers nowadays. Not everything should be read because sadly not everything on paper could be helpful to our minds and souls. They’ve been corrupted by the bad side. So be SMART!! Learn to be more critical and rational about this. Before reading a book you should have to take a look at it first. You can read about its synopsis and the reaction of its readers. Once you have decided that you would like to read it then ask someone closer to you like your book guide about his personal stand for it. Then finally you could read it with no worries for anything polluting your mind. So remember to always be smart and critical. I think I could be my sister’s book guide! Find one for yourself and be one to another person. Have a good book read!

FROM THE BOOK: As a consequence, reading increases your capacity to learn.

10 Dreams

Here are some of the things I dream of happening before I die. Do we share one? 

1. Contribute something to the Engineering field.

2. Visit New York.

3, Kiss Adam Levine!

4, Be seen on TV.

5. Overcome my fear of heights.

6. Watch a FRIENDS reunion!

7. Publish something on paper.

8. Have a talk with my favorite author.

9. Sing to a crowd. (?)

10. Donate an organ/s.

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You Pick: Humans VS Animals

Photo not mine.

So here’s the thing. I am not against having a pet but I don’t understand people going gaga over them. I find it impractical. Sure, pets give us company. They are charming and sweet. They become part of the family. And we are saddened when they get sick or worse, die.

Dogs are coined as “man’s best friend”. Worldwide they are considered as the most common pet a household could have . Maybe because they are easy to train and are loyal. But how did it come to that point? Dogs like any other domesticated animals rely the source of food to their owners. They are incapable of having food to themselves because they are not trained to do so, instead they are practiced to be at home and play ball and do tricks to amuse its owner. And afterwards get snack as a reward. As I see it, they follow its master because they know it is only the way it can have something on his stomach otherwise it will starve. This constant act of feeding would build up the connection between the owner and its pet, thus loyalty comes at hand.

We used to have a dog in our house. As I could remember we already had three. When the first one died, we get another one. Then the second one died, we get another one. When the third died nobody tried to initiate buying a new pet. I loved all of them. I feed them and play with them. There are also some time when I used to bathe them. I took care of them because they bring joy to all of us. My family felt sad every single time we lost our dog. My point here is that, it is easy to replace them. Nobody can say I wasn’t attached to them, because I am. I just have this concept of having a pet different from Others.

Others are the ones who are so much connected to their pets they treat them like a person. Actually Others would treat them more than a person. They provide more than a pet or any animal needs. Practically the basic needs of an animal is food, shelter and love. Just like a human being you might say. But not what I am trying to point out. Others take their pet’s needs to a more exaggerated level. They would bring them to the animal salon, buy them expensive clothes and shoes. Some Others would even get them their own stylist! I also read a new spa for animals opening up! All these I find too much.

I am not saying it is wrong to pamper pets. But if you have money to invest a lot to your pet, why not give it to other people who truly needs it. A lot of people are poor, they have limited food and no shelter while your pet has more luxurious lifestyle than them with their own house! Treat animals as animals, treat people as people. In that way you have your pet and you give charity.

However your pet is dressed and beautifully presented, it is still an animal. It does not feel and think like us. They can’t read this post and feel disappointed. Only true animal lovers might be. Animals use their instinct. This is the same reason why sometimes when people curse they say, “You’re like an animal!” and you get offended. We are still on top of the chain, don’t let yourself step down a level with them. Besides, animals are not meant to entertain us. It is meant for us to eat. And they on the other hand should hunt for their own.

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Three Bottles of Beer, Six Shots of Tequila (#1)

She took another cigarette and lit it. She’s alone in a crowded bar drinking her beer which is overtasted by her own bitterness. She had three of them but it is not enough.

“Waiter, six shots of tequila please.”

“One shot, Ma’am?”

“I said six!!!”

The waiter looked at her and the three bottles of beer therein. There is no spirit of alcohol yet but she looks pretty messed up with her mascara smudged all over her face.

“Are you sure? Do you have company?”

“Damn sure. Your beer tastes like water, know that? No. Okay, give me my shots.”

“Coming right up.”

She finished the shots right after it was served. And she was crazy drunk in an instant. She opened her eyes. And closes them again. Her head hurts and feels like splitting in two.

When she recovered, she opened them up again and relieved seeing her own bedroom wall. She reviewed what happened last night. She has a blurred memory of drinking in a bar, scolding to one of the bartenders, and feeling sleepy and drunk. She looked for her cellphone on the sheets of her bed. She noticed she’s wearing the exact outfit she’s wearing last night – another relief, nothing stupid happened. She finally found her phone. When she clicked the home button, it lit up and showed a text message from someone she never want to talk to again.

“Take care Dina. Find another place……”

She dropped the phone.

“What the hell?!?!”

She kept on thinking but doesn’t actually know what to think about. For the hundredth time, she regretted drinking again, and smoking. Her hair smells awful. She tried to concentrate again and reached the phone from the floor. She opened the text message.

“Take care Dina. Find another place to hide your spare key. I told you, it is unsafe. -Jim”

She didn’t move for a long time. Then she sat at the edge of her bed. “Why in hell would he text me? And how did he know I’m keeping my key at the same place?” She browsed her phone. Her messages were clean, except for that morning message. She checked her calls. She drunk dialed him! “How stupid of me!!!!” She cried a bit for how careless she was last night. That was the last thing she wants, her ex-boyfriend picking her up in a bar wasted and drunk and ugly. She buried her face in a pillow just to cover up the shame and hurt she’s feeling. But that only caused her head to hurt even more. She thought of getting an aspirin from the bathroom. She got up and head towards the bathroom door. She got one and drank it. She looked herself up in the mirror. Her hair is scattered, her clothes is crumpled and her make up mixed with tears made her look like a witch character. She decided to take a bath.

When she was about to take off her pants, she notice a bulk on the back pocket. She got them. It was a pile of tissue papers. She was about to throw them to the trash can when she noticed there are writings on the paper. She arranged them at the bathroom floor and tried to make sense of it all.

“Ms Lonely Customer, you might not notice it but I have been serving your drinks for the last three months. You always get wasted. And as what our manager always remind us, take care of our customers and make them happy. You have your sister pick you up at the bar before but tonight no one was there until our closing so I called your speed dial one. Take care. And FYI, you’re the first person to have a bad comment on our beer. I told our manager and they’re gonna check on it. Tnx – Danny”

“What a jerk!!”

She threw them and continued to her shower.

“What a real jerk! How could he just invade and touch my things! What if he stole from me! Oh I better check my bag later. I will definitely report that guy to the manager! And to call Jim!!!! That is another thing! He said he served for me for three months. But I can’t even remember him. Ugh!”

She chose to wear a cute sleeveless top and skirt. It’s a saturday and it is supposed to be a warm day according to her weather update application. It is 11am. She feels thirsty and hungry. She got her phone and once again noticed the text message from Jim. She tried to ignore it. Dina texted her sister.

“Where are you? Feed me! Have story and I am mad @ U!”

“Home. Come, just cooked lunch.”

She got her bag and went out. She walked down the street. Her sister’s apartment is just four blocks away. And she wanted to calm her mind too, and she does that with long walks. After five minutes of walking, it rained. She ran. She noticed a man running behind her. She ran faster, and the man did too. She stopped and the man stopped. She faced him. He’s wearing a white plain shirt and black jeans. His muscles can be imagined through the fitted shirt. He’s cute but irritating. She gave him a bad look – confused.

“Are you following me?”

“You’re dressed like that? On a rainy day?”

She just realized he was carrying a big yellow umbrella.

“So what? Stop following me crazy!”

She continued running and again the man followed him. She stopped and faced him for the second time.

“Hey, I am just trying to share my umbrella. Where are you going anyway?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“It’s me, Danny!”

He smiled and reached for a handshake. TO BE CONTINUED

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Fastest Three Seconds Of My Life

I am shaking until now. A terrible thing happened twenty minutes ago. I could still feel my heart pounding fast. And everything is still clear in my head. I am very frightened by that experience. There are a lot in this world that could make you feel those things, that could make adrenalin rush into your head. But this one is worse because I had it with a dreadful situation.

I was in a jeepney going to the bus terminal and on for a thirty-minute ride. When I went in there is only two passengers inside which makes us four. One passenger is sitting beside the driver so it left me and an old lady at the back. I payed my fare and sat at the end so I can easily drop off when I came to my stop, that is my usual spot. The old lady was at the middle of the opposite row. It went just fine until we reached in front of a busy church which delayed the jeepney’s traffic. I got my phone and texted my friend. Then two teenaged guys loaded the jeepney and they sat at the other row, making them in line with the old lady. One guy was sitting in front of me. The other was sitting close to the old lady. I was busily texting and alternately looking at my phone and the two when out of the blue the fastest three seconds of my life flashed in front of me. Within that short period, they managed to get the earrings and the bag of the old lady, and they left the still on heavy traffic jeepney. I was shocked and immediately grabbed my bag closer to my possession. I saw everything and I could remember the poor face of the old lady. She was physically hurt by how heedless he grabbed her earrings and bag. Actually only the guy sitting beside her did all the action, the guy in front of me seemed to be the lookout. When they were gone, the four of us were speechless. Then I found my tongue when I saw her ears reddish from pain and with a little blood. I asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine but still shaggy for what just had happened. I was worried about her and asked her if I could do anything, the other passenger and the driver did the same. She said she just wanted to go home. The driver went on until we came to her stop. She dropped off and we said our goodbyes and take-cares. The rest of the travel went alright but I am still in awe. A lot of other people loaded the jeepney while I had my eyes wide open for future incidents, until I dropped off.

I am on the bus now and listening to my feel-good music to calm my mind and body. Also writing this all made me feel better. I have a lesson learned and that is to be more careful of my valuables especially at public areas. Thank God nothing more dangerous happened to us, importantly the old lady. May you have a safe trip!

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What Students Should Know

Due to turnout of unfortunate events for the past days, it is until now that I found the courage to write again. I am not in my best suit now but I’d still give it a shot. I read the book once again to keep my start. I’m on my fifth chapter. If you want to keep track of the past chapters, you can read it from here with titles: (1) How I Made Men Not Respect Me (2) WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX (3) WHAT IS LOVE (The Correct Answer to the Question) (4) Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself


MY EXPERIENCE: I love studying. It is one thing I do best although my grades wont reflect much of it. I failed many subjects in college but it was never a reason for me to stop loving it. Instead it inspired me to do better. It is difficult to keep the fire burning, especially with Engineering and a school like University of the Philippines. More than the impediment my course and school implied, sometimes I find myself a hindrance when I study. It is inevitable at this age to be easily distracted by friends and temptations. There are instances when I get to ruin my schedule and study habit by doing other things I shouldn’t. Then I start cramming and fail quizzes and exams. However, it is of my best luck and hardwork that I pull things together and keep myself on the road. I’ve been to many troubles and complications for the past years, but here I am still eager to learn more.

MY REALIZATION: I study for myself and my loved ones, to graduate and be able to help my family. Being the eldest child that I am, it was imprinted in me since I was in elementary that after finishing school I should support my other siblings. All the more, I am missing something. Studying sometimes is a burden especially when you need more time to spend with your friends, families and your extra curricular activities. It gets boring when the subject is hard to pick up or when it doesn’t interest you at all. I get that sometimes. Though I wanted to study I can’t seem to find inspiration to move on. At chapter five, the author blowed my mind when he mentioned about making studying a devotion to God. He quoted one of my favorite modern saints, St Josemaria Escriva and his book entitled The Way. I read it before but wasn’t able to finish it. Studying could be an act of piety. You have to do it even if you like it or not so you can gratify your parents and God. You use so much effort to start studying and more to keep you unto it – that is an act of penance. Doing something for yourself and your family sometimes is not enough to keep going, you need an inspiration so let God be that inspiration. A spiritual adviser used to tell me that studying could be a deed of prayer. So before and after, I used to say a little prayer. Offer it to God and be blessed. Then you’d be surprised how He moves you and it wouldn’t be much of a responsibility after all.


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Husbands and Wives and The Thing About Marriage

Last week when I met with my mom, she was whining about how irritating my dad is. And yesterday, I had a chat with my dad and he was growling about my mom too. As usual they are fighting. Though it made me sad I listened to them both. I figured the real problem is about submission. My dad said mom is not at any venue amenable but mom says otherwise. My dad can’t seem to understand my mom. This has been a debate for years since my mom earns more than my dad. Also there are some decisions unknown by my dad because he is far away working.

I heard enough of their complaints with each other and I’ve given them advices. I got to learn a lot from the situation, especially on the aspect of submission. I read an article that says “wives should be submissive to their husbands”. I guess I’ve read that from The Bible too. I agree to that, no arguments. But after all that I’ve been exposed to, I think husbands should be as submissive to their wives as well.

Submission as I know it is in this concept, is the act of surrendering oneself in possession of another person. I think when two people entered a marriage it should be a given fact that they have relinquished themselves and given all of them to their partners in front of the church and their religion. When I said “given all of them”, I mean a person will no longer live wholly for himself alone but for his wife or husband. You will no longer work to feed your own but for the family. And everything that you have, you share it with your other half. Decisions should be made by the both of you and everything else that is agreed upon. You are never a single person since the day you’ve given yourself for love.

I believe my parents missed this point, the true essence of marriage and submission.

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Rain Rain Go Away, Seriously!

The extensive rain is nonstop for three days. For countries like mine, Philippines, this comes with a lot of dilemma like flooding and land slides which will eventually lead to life loss. Classes have been suspended to many areas around here. Many were stranded. Work and offices were paralyzed because of the typhoon. Cars can’t easily pass through high ways which were also flooded that delays the rescue teams and donations for the affected families. Residences experiences waist-high flood, so they have to climb up to their roofs and wait for the life boat take them to the evacuation centers.

Every year we experience this problem and every year we make this unresolved. Since I was born I could always hear news about the destructions of a typhoon in the Philippines, same story except it gets worse.

Let’s just pray for the safety of everyone and properties as well. Let us also pray for good hearts to share and continue their blessings for the delicate cities and provinces. May the sun shine again to us all.

I couldn’t write anything more because maybe of the bed weather and cold laziness.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

I’m in a bus right now going to Manila to see my mom. I tried sleeping but the sunlight from the window is distracting me even if the curtain is covering it. To kill time because of a heavy traffic I read Chapter Four. I had my posts about the first three chapters here in my blog entitled How I Made Men Not Respect Me, WHY I STOPPED WATCHING SEX and WHAT IS LOVE? (The Correct Answer to The Question, respectively. You might want to check them out too!


MY EXPERIENCE: Surfing the internet and being online is part of my system and daily routine. My hand itches if I can’t even check my Facebook notifications. The internet made everything else in the world come in handy, both information and proximity. At grade school I have to open our sets of encyclopedia divided per letter and subject but today you Google it and a thousand searches is there in an instant. Online networking sites make me updated with my friends and families away. They even introduce new friends! Which is very unlikely before computers existed. All these I am saying gives a little background on the fourth chapter of the book which is about internet and gaming.

MY REALIZATION: However, there is just something the author coined that I want to get in depth with, self-doubt. It is not specifically about internet and all the garbage in it but it has something to do with it which I will connect later. But first let me explain how I perceive the concept of Self-doubt. Being hesitant is a good quality of a person because it makes you think and act smart. When you are walking the street alone one night then a shadow of a big guy appears, and you can see him on your peripherals. You try to walk faster and avoid the man without recognizing who he is because you got the feeling he will do something bad to you. That feeling is just right and advisable. It is the appropriate thing to do! Just like when someone texts you that you won a raffle you didn’t even joined and you need to claim at this time and place. You don’t entertain it and ignore it because you are being clever. And because you hesitate and accuse them of being untrue. Why? Simply because people don’t trust that easily. We intend to protect ourselves. But you know, I learned another smart thing to do. Guard yourself from your own self. When you doubt yourself, you do better. When you don’t trust your knowledge on an exam in three days, you would study harder and prepare for it more. Or when you don’t like your cooking, you practice again and repeat it until you get the right recipe. Self-doubt creates an encouragement inside you to give more and expect a greater outcome. It will show you that there is further that you can do, more than your mind and body tells you, more than how you imagined it. Now let’s connect it with the internet stuff earlier. I have some friends who claim they do not act on hideous vices the internet could offer, like pornography. But I couldn’t quite be assured from their words since I know they have easy access on it and they have their bedrooms on their own and they are guys for sake! I doubt them. If you are like my friends and if you are honest with your words, I am advising you what chapter four taught me, disconnect your bedroom internet and use it at a common area in the house instead! It eliminates the temptations of doing naughty things at that set up. Even if you are veracious enough, give yourself the benefit of the doubt just like how you do it with others. It is safer and you could protect yourself from the evils you don’t want in the first place. At the same time you defend yourself from the allurement, because you never know when the devil will speak. Did you know that the most difficult person to fight with is your self? Yes! So never start a duel, remove all the chances of having it. At the end of the day, when you made the wrong decisions you’d still lose over and over with regret and pity.

FROM THE BOOK: You may regard it as ‘encouragement’ to immediately click away pop-ups that suggest these negative media content.