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The People on Your Funeral

Dave is the type of person that everyone loves. He’s good with talking and talking himself out of trouble. He’s friends with everybody, he could just fit in to any kind of group. Though he’s a people person he sometimes feel alone. But he never shows it, he always has a smiling face and a great story to share.

He’s the funny one. He’s the clown of the crowd. Even if the joke is on him, he’s foolish enough to make fun of himself and carry on. You can never feel dull and bored when Dave is present. He’s also a sweet guy. He’s the friend who would randomly texts morning greetings and hugs you when it’s been a week since you last saw each other. When you need someone to lean on, Dave will be there. He listens to you then talk afterwards to slap you with the truth and then you’ll be fine afterwards. More than his great advices, he is comfort. He is fair and goes with what is right, for the benefit of yourself. He is never selfish, he gives even the last gulp on his favorite drink.

Yesterday, Dave took his own life. It was a shock. Dave is always there for everyone else, but no one is there for him. Once he said, “Now I know why some people say it’s hard to be the cream of the group.” And we just laughed because he said the wrong quote and though it makes sense, we also laughed on how sick and true its meaning is. I now understand what he means. But it’s too late. He’s been a good friend to me but I was never a friend to him. And it feels like I’m the one who gave him pills he overdosed with. I’m his secret killer.

Don’t kill your Dave. Friends are special, they are the family you chose and the blessing you accepted. I know you have a lot of friends, but are you a friend to them? Maybe this time is the right moment for checking and reviewing back on your relationships. Maybe you’ve lost some, why not reconnect with them. Post something nice on their facebook wall or surprise them with a cupcake later at school. And if you have the best of friends in your life right now, never lose them. Never let them feel taken for granted. Listen to their sentiments and give time to them. Invite them over tonight for pizza, ice cream and a 2008 movie.

We all have different kinds of friends. Some friends from high school, from work or from our neighborhood. There are ones we love and ones we hated a bit. But no matter how the table turned, there is a time you needed them and been happy with one another. It is just right to check up on them once a while and remember them. Nurture your friends. They are the extensions of what you were, what you are now and what you could be in the future.

Never lose your Dave’s, your Mary’s or your Harry’s or whatever their name is. Unless you don’t want anybody on your funeral.



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