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My Dress Made From Shame

I was watching an animated film last night to calm my mood . There was a part when three kids were put into a box by their guardian for not targeting their quotas for selling cookies. Apparently it is called “The Box of Shame”.

I have that box myself. It is filled with misjudgments, wrong decisions and bad luck. Life as we know it, is never a friendly game. Sometimes I win, most times I lose but it was never a draw. Nevertheless, I am not ashamed with my “The Box of Shame”. Quite ironic, yes. But that is how it should be.

The worst things could always happen. It is inevitable. But all these is just in the matter of perspective. Your victory is not measured by how people think, but how you feel about yourself. Perspective. You can always frown and drop off happiness, but there’s always another day to start anew. Perspective. You may lose someone you love, but there’s still someone out there much suited for you. Perspective.

I have my share of shameful acts. It could be because of my attitude and behaviour or someone else’s that have affected me in a way. However they went in the box, I accept it. I claim it, in fact. I would stay in the box for a while but eventually get out of it, wearing them all like a beautiful dress. Because it is okay to be shameful sometimes but it is not okay to tolerate them. Instead, it should be a lesson for the next time and won’t repeat them. Wear it with pride because you’ve get through with them and at the end, you learned. What doesn’t kill you don’t just make you stronger it also make you more beautiful.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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