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Letter For You

Dear You,

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Sophia and I am a friend you never met.

Let me tell you a story about some things that happen in my life recently. If you are interested, you can continue reading and if not, just drop this paper and continue doing your routines feeling so regretful of the friendship we could have built. If you’re still following to what I am saying right now, congratulations! You made the right choice.

I am born to live. I love my life, and I am addicted to it. I am good at many things but being free-spirited is what I do best. I abide my own rules. I’ve got wonderful friends and family. I’ve got everything else seem so perfect, yet I still feel empty.

Am I really happy? Are you really happy?

They say you can only know if you’re actually happy if you are alone but you can still manage to smile. But I say happiness is when some things are falling but you are flying.

You may fail a subject, got into a fight with your parents, ignored by a friend or got your heart broken, whatever is that in your life right now, those are just part of a greater destiny that waits for you. You see, it is a matter of perspective. If you’ll concentrate on the negatives there is, indeed your life would be miserable. But if you try to see beyond what your eyes can perceive, you’ll be shocked with life’s surprises.

What if you failed a subject because you need more training or you’re not meant to be on that career? What if your parents get mad because they truly love you? What if you got ignored because you did something wrong in the first place? What if you got your heart broken because you deserve more love? Don’t be blinded with the not-so-nice experiences you have. Let them be the foundation of your life. Remember that the strongest people are those who had greater problems, and get through it.

Well, I am really happy. I am happy despite of the many problems I am facing and problems that are coming. The world may give me all the reasons to be sad but there will always be something that could make me smile. I hope you can see that light in your darkness as well.
Being happy has always been and will always be a choice. So decide to be happy, my friend. And let’s get the best out of our lives.

Your Newest Friend



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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