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Gloomy Saturday

Today is the first weekend since April that I got to be here in my room alone. I’ve got so many things to do. I have approaching examinations and project deadlines to beat next week. But however long my To Do’s is, I still find it difficult to do anything. My mind says go and start but my body’s acting the opposite. And I really want everything to be done right. I am feeling blue and sick. My eyes burn but dry. My throat is dry too that causes my voice to change. I keep on sniffing and sneezing every now and then. My head hurts hell also. And I am tired, though I slept plenty last night. I started feeling these symptoms yesterday that’s why I bought antibacterial lozenges but they didn’t work. In fact they made me worse. And now here I am lying on my bed feeling nostalgic of the times when my parents used to tuck me in and feed me soup whenever I’m sick.

Good thing I called the love of my life to my rescue. Maybe later I’ll feel a lot more better when I finally got my hugs and kisses. I am so excited and positive I’ll be able to finish my goals. But for now, I’ll just rest some more and play video games. Have a nice weekend!



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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