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An Encounter with an Enemy (Under Your Nose)

Anger. It is your worst enemy. It will kill you inside. It is the mother of all the worst things in the world, like revenge and hatred. It is something you wish you never have to dwell with.

Anger is always under your nose. It is just there sniffing into you, waiting for you to notice and trigger it. There are lots of reasons why people get angry. A betrayal of your most trusted best friend, a stranger killed your mother for her purse, or even someone bumping into you when you’re rushing to a big office meeting. Anything at any intensity could easily call out to Anger.

It is alright to be angry at times. Especially when the act that clicked Anger is extremely high. But it is always safe to check on it every now and then. The point is, do not be angry for something small. Because at the end of the line, you would still suffer yourself more than Anger itself.

Believe it or not, Anger is not healthy at any level. When you feel angry towards another person you consume too much energy thinking about how much you hate him or how much you want him dead. Anger will transform you to another person that you are not. It will penetrate into your spirit until it is the one deciding and ruling your life and emotions. The angriest people are the saddest ones. Nothing good comes from being too angry.

Anger will always destroy anything it sets its feet into. May it be a marriage, a friendship or your own self. It is never friendly, but an enemy you should not entertain.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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