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The Woman in Pink Sweater

A 40-year old man works in an accounting agency for 10 years now. He is very good at his job that’s why he was promoted as branch manager two years ago. Given this, he is still very unhappy and unsatisfied. He lives alone in his apartment and nobody likes him in the office. He has this particular routine he does everyday. He never misses. Being depressed that he is, he thinks of taking his own life. He feels useless, a breathing-yet-dead-on-the-inside old man.

One Tuesday morning after buying his usual cup of coffee, he walked down the street to the train station. While waiting for the light to say “Go”, he noticed a woman on the other side wearing a pink sweater, a sweater that he has seen before. Something inside him talked and then without even blinking he crossed the street not leaving his eyes off the woman.

A car hit him. And that is the moment of his life, the only moment he could say he lived again.

His whole life flashed before him.

He lost his wife in a car accident five years ago. She was wearing the same sweater the woman on the other side of the street has during that day. She was dead on arrival but he died too, a second after she did.

He lost himself. He never went out again, he never tried doing other things, he never moved on. The first thing he did after he buried his wife was to get rid of all of her things and all the other stuff that would remind him of her. He might have given away all those but the pain remained.

The light. He saw the light right after he got hit by the car while looking at the pink sweater her wife used to wear. He saw something. He saw his inspiration.

All these years he lived under a rock trying to bury himself into the darkness looking for answers to his problems. But who could have ever thought that with just one click his life would change.

Seeing the woman on the sweater reminded him of his wife. But this time he didn’t feel angry or betrayed by God. Because as he was hit, the truth punched him on the face. And he was inspired.

Sometimes we could feel tired from living. We lose focus. But just like the old man, all we need is a little inspiration. We need something to pull us up and push us higher. We ought to have that thing that will urge us to continue, something to have keep us through the day.

Inspiration comes in many forms. I know people who are inspired by their families or their lovers. They work hard to give their needs and wants. I also happen to know some people who are inspired by their enemies. They try to surpass them and prove them wrong. Others however are inspired by their favourite book, movie, personality, politician or even superhero. They would want to copy them in some way.

No matter how great it is to feel inspired, it is still better to be an inspiration to someone, just like the woman in the pink sweater. Being an inspiration is being a blessing. You give someone the thing that they couldn’t give to themselves. You shared with them a secret ingredient for every success story. They say it takes 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration. It could be true except I can’t quite believe it. Nobody can work hard without something to push him through. It is impossible that a person would do just for himself. There is always a something or a someone behind it, and that is his inspiration. It could be a friend, or a parent, or his dreams and goals. No matter what it is, inspirations come in many boxes and in various sizes.

The old man stayed in the hospital for three weeks. When he was withdrawn, he came back to work and to him self. The woman in pink sweater woke him up. He was risen to start again, to move on, and to find forgiveness.

He marked the day of his accident his new birthday. From then on, he really did start breathing in life again.



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