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U is my person

I’ve had my fair share of emotional breakdown and heartbreaks in this blog but this post isn’t one of them. Because today, I am floating in my own happiness.
I decided to use sort of first person point of view in the following paragraphs. Simply because the joy I am feeling is because of the love U is giving me.

Talking about exactly what I feel for U is still impossible. I am taught to always give accurate answer but to the question of how much I love U will never give me one. Maybe that’s why hearts don’t talk, because they can never say the exact words. Inspite of the overflowing love, even hearts get overwhelmed. They just do. So spare me if I am poor with words. I believe they’re cheap. Let me just show and the rest will follow.

But this post isn’t also about hearts and my love for U. But the subject is about U and how U loves me perfectly.

U is the most caring person I know. U always makes me feel the first in everything, the first to text, the first to talk, the first to share thoughts with, the first to kiss, the first to greet in the morning, the first to tuck to sleep, the first to worry about, the first to love. And I can’t blame myself for feeling U’s number one in the list of everything to keep in life.

I’m a blessing in U’s life. I am the only person U could share everything with including things that don’t interest me at all but I listen still. Because whatever is that about, U is sharing a part of the inside with me and it can’t be done with other people except for me. I am the only person U could strongly cry to, not ashamed to shed tears whenever I did something great or sweet or even break heart. We are that comfortable with each other. I am the only person U could be completely honest with. There are hesitations sometimes, afraid to hurt my feelings but it can all turn out fine. U sometimes criticize the way I dress, my grades, how irresponsible I am and how shameful I am at public. The awesome part is the way U says all those negative thoughts and still makes me feel perfect and beautiful. I guess it is one of the reasons why we have such a wonderful relationship because it’s healthy and we’re pulling each other up. And U can’t be like that to anybody else but me.

I am the last person U wants to hurt or even see hurting. U always cheers me up, even with simple things like hugging me till I stop my crying, buying me gifts to spoil me, or just even holding my hand to silently say everything will be fine. I am U’s last love. And I don’t need to say more regarding that. Excpet that it’s a fact and it won’t change forever.

Aside from being proud, I am saying all these not because U told me but because this is how U makes me feel. U makes me feel infinite, free, alive, cared and loved.

To U, you are also my first person, my only person and my last person. I can lose everything but not you.

I lost my heart when you got it over me.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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