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Dreaming No More, I am Living it!

This is my third post in less than 12 hours since I started blogging again so I guess I am still spirited in making this a good start, eh! I’ll just make the most of my excitement while the fire is still burning.

I am teaching my cousin Algebra. She’s a freshman Engineering student and finds it difficult to adjust to some of the topics in College Math. While discussing her how to operate on rational expressions, I remember how I dreamed to be a teacher while I was a kid and where I am now. I am also a College Engineering student. But I’m already a senior, thank the Gods!

One Strong Engineer Will Be
One Strong Engineer

I LOVE MY DEGREE!! I am so proud to be an Electrical Engineering student. I know I’ve made the right choice because I’m happy. I am always eager to learn more and to study. I enjoy analyzing and solving problems, computing for the voltage, the current and those electrical stuff. But it wasn’t fun all the time. There were times I feel like surrendering because of how difficult things get. Engineering is very demanding. There were times I feel like maybe quitting is the right way. I didn’t manage to finish it on time. I should have graduated last March but failed. Nevertheless, I am grateful. I may have disappointed many people including my parents but they still support me either way.

And the lesson of it all? It is okay to fall on your feet sometimes. It teaches you how to pick yourself up. Giving in is not the last straw because it is never an option. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger, yes?

I am living the dream. I am going to be an Engineer and that will be my profession for my entire life. And I think it is a nice note. It may not be easy but it is worth all the sacrifices and hardships.



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