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I think this will be my new journal.
I think this will be my new journal.

Not with a child but with a new blog site! Isn’t it exciting? Well it is for me!

I’ve always loved writing. It is not my passion but I always liked expressing my self through words even if I’m not really excellent at it. I learn more about myself when I write. There are things I never thought of until I can see them on the screen thinking that was what I wanted to say. I love the unexpected outcome of my tiny imagination (and my life perhaps) and writing skills if you may.

I started to write essays when I was in high school. My Filipino teacher asked us to write a short story and she loved whatever I submitted which I totally can’t recall. That’s why she joined me in our school’s journalism team. I was presented as the Filipino Feature writer and luckily I won a contest on my first try. I thought I was a good at it then, being acknowledged but it wasn’t really a big deal at all. But at least, it was my start.

However, I find myself more when I write in English. I think I can better express myself in my foreign language. So every now and then I write anything that inspires me at the moment. But I was never serious about it. I used to write something on Facebook’s notes. I even had a couple of blog sites before but could only sustain to about five posts and then forget about it.

I hope this one would keep me up. It’s a wonder even for me to use an unusual blog name, since it is not my name that appears up there. I am used to using my real name in all of the other online sites. I just think this time would be perfect to be different, a good kind of different I hope. Maybe it’s all I need after all.



A girl who's zodiac sign is Cancer, and has a rainbow-colored tail. She does not believe in magic but miracles.

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