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From Paper To Hearts

I just forwarded to my friend a PDF file of one of my good reads in ebook. Which lead me wanting to talk about my passion in reading.

Books to ebooks.
Books to ebooks.

Last summer was my biggest novel marathon in my entire life. I read ten books, cover to cover! I didn’t buy them but I downloaded EPUB files and had an application installed to open it on my phone. Reading ebooks is not as better as actually reading the book on paper but it’s much cheaper and convenient. I had one month full of exciting stories. This filled my vacation with joy and satisfaction. No regrets not going to the beach or partying too hard because I know I used my time well. I loved it and I miss it now.

I used to read books before. The school required me to finish them for reports. The first novel I actually read for pleasure was Twilight (Stephanie Meyer). My best friend bought me the whole set for high school graduation present. I liked it because it is romantic, the kind of against-all-odds kind of a story. And yes, I finished the series. I handled reading books every now and then every time I can borrow a book from a friend or whenever I have luck buying interesting covers on sale.  And now after a bunch of reads, I could say that my standards were higher compared to the first ones I’ve finished.

I won’t be discussing all of the good novels I’ve fallen in love with because it would be so much to tell. But I’d like to share my feelings towards one of my reads last summer, the same book I’ve given my friend a copy.


Cover of Anna and The French Kiss
Cover of Anna and The French Kiss

It is one of the sweetest books I have encountered. It is romantic, loving, inspiring and youthful. The writer, Stephanie Perkins who eventually became my adored author, used a tone that could capture the heart and soul of her readers. I love her for writing Anna and the French Kiss. It is a literary for teenagers and teens-at-heart. And I think I could be forever young in this dimension.

You bet, the setting is in Paris and yes, it is a passionate place. Because of this, France became my number two country in my list of Places I Wanted to Visit When I Had a Chance. I followed every character in the love tale. It is so good I finished it in a day. I just couldn’t let it go.

Perkins released the second book of the series. The title is Lola and The Boy Next Door. It is a great read too! There is a third installment but it’s not yet out. But I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Sometimes reading is my escape, especially ChickLit. It expands my imagination and developed me be more creative. The stories inspire me in different aspects of my life, be it about family, friendships, relationships and self-worth. Reading is not just a hobby for me, it is my heartjoy.

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Dreaming No More, I am Living it!

This is my third post in less than 12 hours since I started blogging again so I guess I am still spirited in making this a good start, eh! I’ll just make the most of my excitement while the fire is still burning.

I am teaching my cousin Algebra. She’s a freshman Engineering student and finds it difficult to adjust to some of the topics in College Math. While discussing her how to operate on rational expressions, I remember how I dreamed to be a teacher while I was a kid and where I am now. I am also a College Engineering student. But I’m already a senior, thank the Gods!

One Strong Engineer Will Be
One Strong Engineer

I LOVE MY DEGREE!! I am so proud to be an Electrical Engineering student. I know I’ve made the right choice because I’m happy. I am always eager to learn more and to study. I enjoy analyzing and solving problems, computing for the voltage, the current and those electrical stuff. But it wasn’t fun all the time. There were times I feel like surrendering because of how difficult things get. Engineering is very demanding. There were times I feel like maybe quitting is the right way. I didn’t manage to finish it on time. I should have graduated last March but failed. Nevertheless, I am grateful. I may have disappointed many people including my parents but they still support me either way.

And the lesson of it all? It is okay to fall on your feet sometimes. It teaches you how to pick yourself up. Giving in is not the last straw because it is never an option. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger, yes?

I am living the dream. I am going to be an Engineer and that will be my profession for my entire life. And I think it is a nice note. It may not be easy but it is worth all the sacrifices and hardships.

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Sleepless Morning

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I am wide awake. I’m blaming the coffee I bottomsup-ed earlier. The caffeine really did its work with me. And now I’m the one to regret it.

I’m not tired at all but I want to rest. It’s raining outside and I feel cold. When I close my eyes thoughts come rushing and won’t stop even after I open my eyes again. Screw you coffee!!!!

Is there anyone out there? I mean if I keep on posting like this would anybody notice me? It is not like I’m seeking attention, I am just wondering if someone can appreciate or waste his time reading nonsense I made. I hope someone is there to listen.

OH! I started to think on planning my day later on my head. I’ve got so much in my list so I’ll just force myself to sleep. Should I start counting sheep then? Good night! Xxoo

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I think this will be my new journal.
I think this will be my new journal.

Not with a child but with a new blog site! Isn’t it exciting? Well it is for me!

I’ve always loved writing. It is not my passion but I always liked expressing my self through words even if I’m not really excellent at it. I learn more about myself when I write. There are things I never thought of until I can see them on the screen thinking that was what I wanted to say. I love the unexpected outcome of my tiny imagination (and my life perhaps) and writing skills if you may.

I started to write essays when I was in high school. My Filipino teacher asked us to write a short story and she loved whatever I submitted which I totally can’t recall. That’s why she joined me in our school’s journalism team. I was presented as the Filipino Feature writer and luckily I won a contest on my first try. I thought I was a good at it then, being acknowledged but it wasn’t really a big deal at all. But at least, it was my start.

However, I find myself more when I write in English. I think I can better express myself in my foreign language. So every now and then I write anything that inspires me at the moment. But I was never serious about it. I used to write something on Facebook’s notes. I even had a couple of blog sites before but could only sustain to about five posts and then forget about it.

I hope this one would keep me up. It’s a wonder even for me to use an unusual blog name, since it is not my name that appears up there. I am used to using my real name in all of the other online sites. I just think this time would be perfect to be different, a good kind of different I hope. Maybe it’s all I need after all. Continue reading “I JUST GAVE BIRTH”